Pencil drawing tool

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Pencil drawing tool

rsrc/pencil-tool.png image PENCIL is a drawing tool capable of drawing a simple polyline. The polyline is not anti-aliased and each pixel on the polyline can be replaced by a simple pattern.

Scripting parameters

PENCIL tool can be used from scripts. The command in script must have the following arguments:

  • tip_style (optional) - one of "SINGLE" (default), "SQUARE3", "SQUARE5", "ROUND3", "ROUND5", "DIAMOND5", "NESW3", "NESW5".
  • coords - pairs of integral numbers representing coordinates. There must be at least 4 numbers to define X and Y coordinates of two points.


DrawTool.PENCIL(Document, "DIAMOND5", 10, 10, 30, 90);

See also: DrawTool object, Document object

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user icon Anonymous on March 10th 2017

i dont save this red mouse :-(

user icon Anonymous on August 16th 2017

ive made the design now how do i make it my mouse :-)

user icon Anonymous on August 27th 2017

I have already created my mouse now how to download it :-)

user icon Anonymous on February 13th 2018

you can download a app called daanav cursor changer and when you go on it you just select the file that you have saved your cursor to and then press the button and it should set as your cursor

user icon Anonymous on March 25th 2018

how do i downloud it

user icon Anonymous on June 6th 2018

how do I use it as my mouse

user icon Anonymous on August 12th 2018

I HATE pixels how do I make it so it doesn't make pixels when I draw with the pencil? :-(

user icon cookiecursors registered user on March 23rd 2019

just dont use this editor 8-)

user icon Anonymous on September 26th 2019

to use as mouse click save (and it will pop up with save as window) then name it what you want to name it and then go to windows settings (if you have a windows) and click personalise > themes > mouse cursor then you can change mouse :-D

(click browse to pop up a select window and double click the cursor to change it)

user icon Anonymous on November 13th 2019

how do you erase your mouse? :-o

user icon Anonymous
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What about ICL files?