Drawing modes

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Drawing modes

When using drawing tools, the drawn shape depends among other also on the active modes:

Rasterization mode

This mode controls how smooth geometric shapes are translated to actual pixels.

  • rsrc/raster-smooth.png image Smoothing (anti-aliasing) - pixel can be partially covered by the drawn shape and edges are smooth.
  • rsrc/raster-binary.png image No smoothing - a pixel is either fully covered by the drawn shape or not covered at all. This results in jagged edges.

Blending mode

This mode controls the way of combining new pixels (drawn shape) with the old ones (current image).

  • rsrc/paint-over.png image Paint over - the shape is drawn over the current content. If the drawn shape is partially transparent, the old content will be visible under the new shape.
  • rsrc/paint-replace.png image Replace - new pixels will overwrite old pixels. If the new pixels are partially transparent, the old content will still be replaced and the resulting pixels will simply be partially transparent.
  • rsrc/paint-under.png image Paint under - paint the new pixels under the current ones. If the current pixels are not at least partially transparent, the drawn shape will not be visible at all.

If the current color is entirely transparent, some of the drawing tools will detect this and automatically switch to Replace mode, because otherwise the drawn shape will not have any effect.

Coordinates mode

This mode controls the constraints on the input parameters of drawing tools.

  • rsrc/float-coords.png image Arbitrary - coordinates may take any value. Shapes are specified with sub-pixel precision.
  • rsrc/int-coords.png image Integral - coordinates may only be integral.

Shape filling mode

This mode determines, how shapes are filled

  • rsrc/fill-only.png image Filled - drawn shape is filled using current fill style.
  • rsrc/outline-only.png image Outline - only shape's outline is drawn using current primary color.
  • rsrc/fill-and-outline.png image Combined - outline is drawn and the remaining interior is filled.

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on November 10th 2011

How to erase an area from the image?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on November 10th 2011

There are numerous ways. You can select it and press the Delete key. Or you can select the transparent color and paint the are with any suitable tool. There are even tools that erase by default...

user icon Anonymous on November 4th 2012

Click on the little arrow next to the brush or pencil tool and click on 'pencil eraser'. Erase the unwanted area.

user icon Anonymous on March 24th 2017

How to change drawing mode to no smoothing? (line tool)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 24th 2017

This control is hidden in some cases. If you want it, right-click the toolbar above the canvas, and duplicate the "Raster Editor - Draw Mode" item and then change it to "Rasterization mode".

user icon Anonymous on January 17th 2019

how to remove the ring from your mouse?

user icon Anonymous on April 27th 2020


user icon Anonymous on September 20th

how to select the arbitrary coordinate select tool. I cant get it to select my image

user icon Anonymous
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