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Unknown author (2013-11-02 04:27:26):

if i dont have colors for the mouse what do i do to get colors
:-( :-o |-)

YOU guys know what im talking about :-)

Vlasta (2013-11-02 09:32:50):

You do not need colors when you are using this tool. They will appear when they are needed.

Unknown author (2013-12-01 09:12:04):

how could i get the color thingys
do i have to make an account

i need color around my mouse at a circle u got me

Vlasta (2013-12-01 10:09:54):

OK, once more - you only need to select a color when you are drawing something. This particular rsrc/move-tool.png image MOVE tool does not draw anything and so it does not need a color. Switch to another tool, for example to the PENCIL tool in the toolbar above the canvas to see the color selector.

Unknown author (2014-03-28 02:41:52):

how do I only move 1 item not the whole page?

Nia (2014-04-22 06:05:27):

how do you save it

Unknown author (2014-07-31 15:49:57):

Hi and it almost work :-)

Unknown author (2014-08-26 12:46:59):

how do you rotate the cursor

how do you get it to move when you click

karibear06 (2015-01-17 21:26:26):

I need color to put a yellow circle around my cursor, how do i get it? :-(

Unknown author (2015-01-18 02:36:35):

how do I use move I don't see it :-(

Unknown author (2015-07-24 03:42:02):

how do I save it for it to have like a icon on my computer or laptop?

karibear06 (2015-09-19 18:00:18):

How do I use my cursor that I created?

karibear06 (2015-12-26 21:44:06):

how do you fix it when your cursor disappears?

Unknown author (2016-07-28 09:12:52):

how do you move one thing and not the whole thing

Unknown author (2017-01-19 03:15:46):


Unknown author (2018-04-15 02:53:09):

I need color to put a yellow circle around my cursor, how do i get it? :-(

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