Move drawing tool

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Move drawing tool

rsrc/move-tool.png image MOVE drawing tool is able to move the content of the selected raster layer.

Move tool configuration

The Move tool can operate in 2 modes:

  • Wrap mode - when moving the image, it will wrap around the edges. Use this mode when creating seamless textures.
  • Fill mode - when the image is moved, the extra space is filled with solid color color. In version 2013.1, the fill color is taken from the layer default color, which is usually transparent except for the initial layer, for which the default color is the background color selected when creating the image. Prior to version 2013.1, the color is adjustable in the tool configuration panel.

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user icon Anonymous on July 28th 2016

how do you move one thing and not the whole thing

user icon Anonymous on January 19th 2017


user icon Anonymous on April 15th 2018

I need color to put a yellow circle around my cursor, how do i get it? :-(

user icon Anonymous on December 14th 2018

where is the colour chart

user icon Anonymous on October 1st 2020

how to rotate cursor

user icon Anonymous on December 28th 2020

Previously I tried to create a cursor and it is TOO BIG. How can I make it smaller and then put the circle around it.

user icon Anonymous on July 15th 2021

help me to get rid of this highlight

user icon Anonymous on October 30th 2021

Super easy guys its so easy HOW CAN U NOT DO ITITTI

user icon Anonymous on August 31st 2022

where is the elipses button

user icon Anonymous on November 29th

뭐 어쩌라고요

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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