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Axu (2010-12-07 20:53:58):

thx :-D

Unknown author (2010-12-17 13:26:59):

o3o don't get

Unknown author (2011-01-08 18:27:53):

Awesome! Mine isn't as good as that, but it's still pretty good! Thanks! :-D

Unknown author (2011-01-09 04:55:11):

im doing the same steps but when i save it and chose it its a normal one :-(

Unknown author (2011-01-19 12:06:02):

you have to go to control panel and mouse settings before this you have to put the cursor to c-windows-cursors when you go to the mouse settings click browse and replace normal cursor with the one you've made :-)

Unknown author (2011-01-22 12:28:06):

it's beatiful :-D

Unknown author (2011-01-22 16:42:06):

epic ;-)

Unknown author (2011-01-23 23:49:27):


Unknown author (2011-01-28 21:18:07):

incredible what ANYONE can do nowadays with a computer ;-)

blackopsrulz (2011-01-30 02:21:59):

that is awesome! thanks

Unknown author (2011-01-31 21:10:55):


Unknown author (2011-02-01 14:20:30):

(SIGH)still not working.. :-(

Unknown author (2011-03-11 20:31:15):

I'm queasy!!!

Unknown author (2011-03-11 20:31:40):

i was just kidding its AWESOME!!!!!! :-)

Unknown author (2011-03-13 18:53:54):

no se como se hace ayudaaa heelpp

Unknown author (2011-03-19 23:39:35):

wow so cool...a made a red one 8-)

Unknown author (2011-03-20 09:38:22):


Unknown author (2011-03-24 21:53:49):

wat a cool cursor :-D

Unknown author (2011-03-25 00:15:14):

ja!! si me salio, aunq esta deforme y la secuencia esta torcida |-)

Unknown author (2011-03-26 18:39:47):

anyyeonghaseyo,i am not good in english ,anyway,this videoawesome,now i can create my own cursor

Unknown author (2011-03-27 01:23:33):

that helped :-D

Unknown author (2011-03-27 21:43:26):

:-D lol noone bothers registerring

Unknown author (2011-04-19 18:20:21):

I have no idea what to do
:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Horo (2011-04-21 13:44:25):

wow, awsum :-D

Unknown author (2011-04-23 05:38:10):

wow! this is goood softwear :-D :-)

Unknown author (2011-05-24 00:03:52):

how do i use it? :-o

Unknown author (2011-05-24 07:45:03):

??? 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2011-05-28 17:21:33):

I Haven't Started Using This Program So I Don't Know If It Is A Good Software/Website Or Not! :-)

Unknown author (2011-05-31 14:50:25):

? ;-)

Morgan (2011-06-04 15:47:21):

:-D It was a really good Software. You can create good quality static and animated cursors. I have used it so far it was user friendly. I was looking forward for this application to support gif images so I could directly convert them to ani cursors.

Vlasta (2011-06-04 15:53:47):

That may happen one day.

Unknown author (2011-06-05 01:02:53):

I only watched the video once without following it and it helped me! Now that is the sign of a successful teacher :-)

Unknown author (2011-06-06 10:36:12):

I love this program!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown author (2011-06-06 10:37:00):

see my cursors: https://sites.google.com/site/thijmensgames/home/id-moderne-cursors-1-00

Vlasta (2011-06-06 17:10:59):

They look pretty good. BTW you can also upload and share cursors on this web site.

Unknown author (2011-06-10 18:15:53):

hey i want to download the water effect cursor directly plz give me link ;-)

Unknown author (2011-07-30 01:12:41):

:-(yo tenia que ablar castellano pero en programa esta padre :-D

lu9 (2011-08-16 03:25:54):

Its a great program icon-image/5897-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2011-08-20 02:01:38):

8-) cool 8-) :-)

Unknown author (2011-09-03 03:44:02):

its an awsome program but when i open my animated courser it just puts the defult in??? someone help

Unknown author (2011-09-12 15:56:23):

Thnx for the help!!!U r a gud teacher...bro!!!

Unknown author (2011-09-21 10:04:51):

It's amazing to use everyday begin with new cursor.....

Unknown author (2011-09-23 14:33:08):

Can You Make More Tutorials Please! :-D :-D :-D :-o

Unknown author (2011-09-24 17:22:55):


Unknown author (2011-10-07 13:16:22):

nice tutorial! thanks!

zjWorkVision (2011-11-08 10:02:49):

very useful program...... 8-)

Unknown author (2011-12-01 00:56:45):

Thnx worked alot! :-)

thnx!!! very nice program btw ;-)


Unknown author (2011-12-09 22:08:08):

I don't get this one bit so I'm not even going to try |-)

PurplePancakes (2011-12-14 22:37:51):

Does the program give viruses? I am having a probelm with viruses a little.

Mr Lloyd (2011-12-21 16:50:57):


Unknown author (2011-12-23 16:22:31):

Excellent video!

Unknown author (2011-12-25 12:19:59):

:-D ;-) This is a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee program!

Unknown author (2011-12-25 22:52:11):



IN KITCHEN WHO IS THE CHEF FOR FOOD :-D ;-) :-) :-D |-) 8-) :-o :-(




WRITE IN CHAT AGAING |-) 8-) :-o :-( :-D :-) ;-)

Unknown author (2012-01-01 19:46:42):

Thanks buddy cursor maker! ;-) :-D :-) 8-)

Unknown author (2012-01-13 17:34:57):

hello i was do like that 8-) ;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o |-)

Unknown author (2012-01-16 16:35:05):

:-D YAY! YAY! YAY! :-D

Unknown author (2012-01-29 14:09:04):

how do you make the circles appear when you click? :-(

Unknown author (2012-02-19 23:08:19):

porqe toos los weones son gringoh???

Unknown author (2012-02-22 14:47:33):

ino inglish português :-(

eu sou brasileiro não da inglaterra

Unknown author (2012-03-04 01:29:09):

I did the same thing except I made fire falling into lava with a orange & red and white color! podoboo! Trololololololololololololololololololol! :-D :-) ;-) |-) 8-)

Nintendo (2012-03-04 21:41:45):

thank you so much its very simple and i made mine fall into the puddle and make a big splash :-D

Unknown author (2012-03-30 18:12:27):

Valeu cara me ajudou muitooooooooooo :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :D

chrisi9912 (2012-04-15 12:34:19):

wow cool

ACE (2012-04-29 05:28:15):

Where's the video? I don't see any video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) ;-) ;-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) :-o |-) :-( :-o ;-) |-) :-o 8-) :-) ;-)

Unknown author (2012-04-29 06:01:27):


how old are you?

Thanks =3

Wtf above


Unknown author (2012-05-06 18:09:24):

no matter what i do, it doesn't animate. WTFFFF :-(

this is a pain in the 8-)

Unknown author (2012-05-08 10:38:52):

Practise, surely it will animate.

Make sure you are saving your document as file type "animated cursor", it wll surely animated if your file contain more than layers. 8-)

sorry |-) , it will animate, if it contains more than one layer :-D

Sanderlan (2012-05-17 11:38:38):

I did the normal cursor that was animated, but when I tried to use it, it could be seen only as an image.

Unknown author (2012-05-23 02:06:19):


Unknown author (2012-06-19 04:35:49):

how do u make it ur mouse :-(

Unknown author (2012-06-28 23:42:59):

esta buenisimo :-D

cool :-D

Unknown author (2012-07-08 02:04:18):

i made mine its with green fire and blue arrow Lol i love it :-)

Unknown author (2012-07-15 20:35:12):

how tdo u do it bro

Unknown author (2012-07-25 23:39:00):

i created the .ani cursor but when i wanted to include it in css it didn't work

Unknown author (2012-09-02 00:23:10):

i crated it but i dont know how to put it to work on my scren

Unknown author (2012-09-29 14:49:51):

It Works :-)

Unknown author (2012-10-20 17:06:04):

To use the newly-created mouse on your screen, (this is mostly for Windows 7 users) click the start icon in the bottom-left. Click "Control Panel". Wait for it to load, then, under "Hardware and Sound", should be "Mouse". Click it. A little box should appear. At the top, there should be a button called "Pointers". Click that. When you're on the "Cursor" page, there should be a drop-down bx under "Scheme". Click it, and then click "(None)". Now, under the "Customize" section, there is a whole list of mouse cursors. Replace every single one with the cursor you just made. Don't close out yet, though.(Optional) Under scheme, click the "Save As" button to save it as a scheme, so you can easily go back to the "Pointers" page, and turn the cursor on and off. (UN-optional) Now click either "Apply", or "Okay". You're finished! Congrats. ;-)

Unknown author (2012-11-11 14:22:45):

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ty (thanks you) sirve !

Unknown author (2012-11-12 18:29:43):

how do u make a cursor plzzzz tell me how :-o

Unknown author (2012-12-06 02:14:09):

how yo will make it as your cursur??

Unknown author (2012-12-24 19:13:52):

:-) thak you

DeoxysEnderman (2013-01-14 21:45:16):

Can I make one in-browser? I want custom animated cursors but I can't download .EXE's :-(

Unknown author (2013-01-27 00:17:42):

a-ma-zing! GENIUS!

Unknown author (2013-01-28 19:18:59):

hey I downloded it but it didnt work

Unknown author (2013-02-16 12:48:43):

how can i have it on my screen :-(

Unknown author (2013-03-04 11:39:22):

thx yay! :-D

its highlighted

Unknown author (2013-03-19 13:05:49):

8-) si sirve gracias

Unknown author (2013-04-04 00:12:45):

Ola k ase? :-D

Unknown author (2013-04-07 20:23:54):

I really want that because its nice. Thanks.

Unknown author (2013-04-10 12:44:55):


Unknown author (2013-05-15 06:23:10):

8-) This Excellent

Unknown author (2013-06-02 14:49:42):

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! 8-)

I made a fire 1 with a green arrow and a red and orange colours!(LOVE IT!) :-D


Unknown author (2013-07-14 11:03:43):

smart idea..... good job..! ;-)

Unknown author (2013-07-17 14:07:55):

EAE galera nossa eu nao sei como dexa o cursor mais grande ¬¬' alguem me ajuda ai pf :-( vlw galera 8-)

Unknown author (2013-07-23 18:13:24):

I just need the animation on my cursor now. ;-)

Unknown author (2013-08-08 23:18:24):

AWESOME!!!!! :-D :-) ;-) 8-)

Unknown author (2013-08-19 20:19:24):

nice nice nice! |-)

Unknown author (2013-09-17 16:52:23):


galerinha I need help creating a small arrow and as I raise? I already crieei but since I'm going to create?

I want to create a little arrow for me.

I love you my beautiful

I'm Portuguese 8-)

Unknown author (2013-10-07 10:36:05):

how to download this software?

Unknown author (2013-10-18 09:05:59):

wooooooooooooooow awsome :-o

Unknown author (2013-10-30 22:28:16):

cool ;-) by the way ur voice sounds a little funny:-D but awsome video no offense:-o plz.

Unknown author (2013-11-03 12:29:15):

I don't know how to change my cursor into ones I've made off Realworld Cursor editor D:

Unknown author (2013-11-15 16:51:26):

Go to your start menu and search "pointer," or go to your control panel and find "mouse." From there go to the pointer tab.

Unknown author (2013-11-22 21:33:41):

?????????????????????? what the beep?! ;-)

Unknown author (2014-02-01 17:04:08):

Is good. i'll stick to just 1 frame cursors now. |-)

RapTor (2014-02-18 11:47:13):

Awesome :D!

Unknown author (2014-02-20 16:33:05):

it's really awesome :-D

Unknown author (2014-02-24 15:04:30):

I´m don´t need a cursor like this. But it´s good, that you show us this cursor.

Unknown author (2014-03-08 11:40:44):

Cool :-)

Unknown author (2014-03-09 00:19:53):

Great software!

Unknown author (2014-03-11 13:25:53):

Great software!

Unknown author (2014-03-24 00:34:21):

cool I wanna do this but how do I download this thing? :-(

Unknown author (2014-04-12 01:43:13):

nice job

Unknown author (2014-05-08 15:03:01):

lost been the cursor :-(

Unknown author (2014-06-19 06:35:31):

Didn't work :-(

Unknown author (2014-06-21 09:53:27):

MINE is reggae color its so cool and awsome WOOOO!!! :-D

8-) :-) ;-) :-( :-( :-D |-) 8-)

iM an online facebook,twitter,and government hacker guys so wach out

Unknown author (2014-06-30 09:13:09):

Nice I had made 2 cursors and 2 animated cursors(water droplet and fire ball)

Unknown author (2014-07-04 10:26:43):

10/10 Made 2 animated cursors in less than 30 mins AMAZING

Oddrun1 (2014-07-17 18:40:47):

Gonna try it :P Wish me luck! ;-)

Melody Chan (2014-07-20 03:59:55):

Thank you! :-D

Unknown author (2014-08-07 05:48:50):


Thanks for the "Water Drop - Animated Cursor" Video/Tutorial, dude.

Mine own is about a fat Panda who stares forwards and blink often his big round eyes, somtimes twice!! He also schrink his schoulders too... indeed he is a Great Panda Teacher. His got his own pen on his little right hand ready to write down a line whenever is that posible, and he really moves his ass when there are background Tasks. Such a lovely tiny thing. There are no-one cutier as him about to resize a window... 8-)


afafsuraya (2014-08-27 12:47:34):

Thank you!! Kasahamnida!

Unknown author (2014-09-11 09:04:47):

funciona perfecto,gracias , thanks

Unknown author (2014-09-12 07:38:51):

download realworld-cursor-editor.softonic.com/descargar#downloading
version 9.1 is more simple and same of the image

Vlasta (2014-09-12 09:32:37):

Never download realworld apps from web sites other than this one. If you do, you'll likely get some unwanted adware installed with it. If you want older versions, you can get them here.

Unknown author (2014-10-15 01:38:22):

I saved mine as .ani and the animation wouldn't work!
Got any ideas?

Unknown author (2014-10-28 20:59:47):

thx for ur tutorial...
its work... check my animate cursor at kampung-ugm.com

Unknown author (2014-11-29 08:28:24):


avenraven (2014-12-06 06:37:54):

I need help changing my stupid mouse I have no idea how to and then I am going to get rid of my account for a VERY good reason! :-)

Unknown author (2015-04-20 22:00:37):

amazing :-D

Unknown author (2015-05-18 17:29:11):

Work 100 % THANKS ! :-o

Unknown author (2015-08-30 20:52:45):

thanks :-D

Unknown author (2015-09-06 05:22:10):

i really love it . now my cursor looking great . thanks.tipsu24.blogspot.com

Unknown author (2015-09-22 21:53:52):

:-) This helped me a lot, i got a new animated cursor now! :-D 8-) Thanks

Unknown author (2015-11-03 21:07:49):

:-) my internet is not working, i can down load to flash on ps3 k??? ;-)

Unknown author (2015-11-12 21:16:17):

yes!! thank you!

Unknown author (2015-12-13 04:25:19):

hi i dont get it

Unknown author (2015-12-16 16:43:37):

Amazing! Thanks so much for this! :-D

Unknown author (2016-04-16 00:34:30):

:-( I want a water drop effect, not a new cursor..

Unknown author (2016-05-20 09:47:55):


Unknown author (2016-05-24 17:43:13):

Sadly I have windows 10 and I can't download that application... (Patpat)

Unknown author (2016-06-17 01:24:05):

i really love it . now my cursor looking great . thanks.tipsu24.blogspot.com 8- :-o :-o :-o )

Unknown author (2016-07-22 07:23:57):

the program works on windows 10... |-)

ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2016-09-10 19:39:05):

cool icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2016-10-29 18:58:43):

Wow its aowsome! :-D
i love it

Unknown author (2016-12-06 00:19:49):

amazing 8-)

Unknown author (2017-01-21 18:49:16):

Bonjour , je suis tres vexer car je suis obliger de le telecharger mais je n'y arrive pas !! je ne vous le conseil pas !!!!!! ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) :-) :-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2017-01-25 14:40:24):

:-) :-) :-) it's so cool my cursor look so cool

Unknown author (2017-03-02 22:57:15):

back with THE CRINGY VOICE!!!

Unknown author (2017-07-04 07:56:36):

Me selections is IS PERFECT ON WINDOWS 10!

Alex12 (2017-11-19 00:07:46):

Me Encantan Los Cursores Que Hago Son Geniales :-)

Unknown author (2018-06-13 10:12:18):

How do you download it?

Unknown author (2019-01-03 18:59:15):

How to take a Static cursor and add the default Animation style. Then resize all of the Animation Frames at once so its not on top of the static cursor?

Unknown author (2019-07-10 22:12:24):

I made an animated cursor, using a .ani file, but when I uploaded it the animation doesn't play. why is that?

Unknown author (2019-07-31 21:01:21):

On March 2nd 2017
"back with THE CRINGY VOICE!!!"

I disagree, His voice is actually kind of relaxing!

Unknown author (2019-09-12 00:49:25):

Nice i really like it. quick question do u have to download this to be able to make cursors ;-)

Unknown author (2019-09-30 20:38:15):


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