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Unknown author (2009-05-10 20:37:11):

Pease make a french version ..... PLEASE

Vlasta (2009-05-11 11:34:55):

Someone already translated it to Canadian French... maybe that will be OK for you.

ruudboek (2009-05-12 23:13:30):

I donated 12 euro's. Keep up the good work with RealWorld Paint.COM and i hope you guys keep it free. The world needs a good picture/image editor :-)

Wonderful application, incredibly fast!, layer support, photoshop plugin support, lots of great features, what more can you wish for, clearly top quality software.

Unknown author (2009-10-10 23:43:20):

Quero fazer uma doçao, voces estao de parabens, so que nao tevho cartao de credito, e moro no Brasil, como faço?meu email é moorisomaria@hotmail.com,aguardo retorno.

sixλxis (2009-12-13 05:21:37):

you guys need $3500!? wow. if i were to donate i would be using CAD

Unknown author (2011-07-08 20:04:06):

Left a small donation for reizer.

Unknown author (2011-12-06 12:24:51):

The English on this site is terrible, Signed comments have carry more weight! Don't be a stranger - log-in or register. It only takes few seconds.

get rid of the have?!

RWPaint has consumed more more than one year of full time software development (~ 100 000 USD).

Double More?!

update some of these please.

Vlasta (2011-12-06 16:28:47):

Thanks, fixed the comments one and rewrote the text on this page. It was long overdue.

Ahrim (2012-04-27 11:52:10):

Hello, there's a typo there..


find it.

Unknown author (2012-08-10 03:04:37):

Great program. I'm happy to support it. :-)

Unknown author (2013-05-22 16:50:53):

Thanks for the great software,left a small donation in support.RAB2BAR :-)

corbett (2013-07-02 03:05:06):

Hello Vlasta. Congratulations for the software. We are a software house from Brazil. If you wish, we can help you to translate Real World Paint for Portuguese.

Best Regards,

Ulisses T. Corbett
Technical Director
Corbett Software
The best software since 1998

andrewb2014 (2014-02-11 16:12:52):

Thanks for your wonderful program - Real World Paint - I am happy to have donated $10 towards its development - may donate more at a later date.

Unknown author (2014-04-16 17:59:34):

I made a donation....then I was kicked out. Not nice. I am now trying to download from the other one.

I am not even sure if it is going to do what I need. Hope so ;-)

I am always willing to support those who publish their work ;-)

Vlasta (2014-04-16 18:44:08):

Thanks for the donation! What do you mean by 'kicked out'?

Unknown author (2016-01-20 05:49:44):

I use your program quite a bit and decided to contribute $20 to show my appreciation. Thanks for making it available.
-- Steve Wood

Vlasta (2016-01-20 09:36:34):

Thanks a lot.

Unknown author (2016-06-05 15:29:26):

Thanks for such a great program... it is easy to use and has many great features... I will donate and show my support to you. Thanks so so so much!

Unknown author (2018-03-12 21:13:21):

There's a typo "WIDNOWS"

find it if u can 8-)

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