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RealWorld Paint license

You MAY use RealWorld Paint free of charge for any commercial and non-commercial purpose.

You may NOT do evil things with RealWorld Paint. Evil things include, but are not limited to: promotion of racism, software patents, extreme religion or totalitarian organizations, cyberbullying, or spamming.

Questions about donations

It is free. Why should I pay?
Software is never complete. It is either constantly evolving or it becomes obsolete in a few years. If you like the philosophy RealWorld Paint embodies, please consider expressing your support.

How much money is needed?
More money equals more time spent on improving the application. There are so many ideas waiting to become reality. If the montly income reached hundreds of dollars I would be able to outsource some activities not directly related to software development (web management, help creation, press relations, testing, etc.). With thousands of dollars monthly, there would be room to hire another full-time programmer.

Why not stop the development and save money?
The software environment is in constant change, there are new hardware devices, new Widnows versions, new input methods, new software concepts appearing every day. While RWPaint may appear modern today, it would fall behind quickly if development stopped. In a few years you would have to switch to a different application and re-learn all that you already learned to do with RWP.

Why don't you pursue alternative income sources?
Because I do not think it is a good idea to get a bit of money and in exchange lower the user experience. RealWorld Paint will never offer you to install yet another useless browser toolbar. There are also no large direct sponsors, because RWPaint is not "important" enough for the relevant interest groups.

Why is RealWorld Paint not open-source?
There are risks associated with the open source model and there already is an open source graphic editor. Currently, its closed source gives RealWorld Paint a bit of an edge. If RealWorld Paint's popularity and the monthly donations rise to a level when it is safe to publish all the work without fear of being copied and forgotten, it will become open source.

Will RealWorld Paint remain free forever?
Forever is a long time. I am certainly not planning to make a paid version in the near future. The goal is quite the opposite: raising enough money through donations and making it a self-sustained software project. Any any case, no current user will be left behind.

How to donate

Currently, the only way to donate is using PayPal:


Feel free to leave a comment about your donation below. Thanks in advance!

Monthly donations

62.5 USD
125 USD

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user icon Anonymous on May 22nd 2013

Thanks for the great software,left a small donation in support.RAB2BAR :-)

user icon corbett translation moderator on July 2nd 2013

Hello Vlasta. Congratulations for the software. We are a software house from Brazil. If you wish, we can help you to translate Real World Paint for Portuguese.

Best Regards,

Ulisses T. Corbett
Technical Director
Corbett Software
The best software since 1998

user icon andrewb2014 registered user on February 11th 2014

Thanks for your wonderful program - Real World Paint - I am happy to have donated $10 towards its development - may donate more at a later date.

user icon Anonymous on April 16th 2014

I made a donation....then I was kicked out. Not nice. I am now trying to download from the other one.

I am not even sure if it is going to do what I need. Hope so ;-)

I am always willing to support those who publish their work ;-)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on April 16th 2014

Thanks for the donation! What do you mean by 'kicked out'?

user icon Anonymous on January 20th 2016

I use your program quite a bit and decided to contribute $20 to show my appreciation. Thanks for making it available.
-- Steve Wood

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 20th 2016

Thanks a lot.

user icon Anonymous on June 5th 2016

Thanks for such a great program... it is easy to use and has many great features... I will donate and show my support to you. Thanks so so so much!

user icon Anonymous on March 12th

There's a typo "WIDNOWS"

find it if u can 8-)

user icon Anonymous on November 24th

best one

user icon Anonymous