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Unknown author (2011-11-09 20:20:55):

umm i still dont know who to make it my mouse?

Unknown author (2012-01-11 18:18:36):

i can't do it it doesn't work!!! :-(

CursorBre (2012-01-19 03:12:42):

Well...kind of disappointed. I followed the instructions but it doesn't work! Oh well...might work for other people. Good luck who try this! :-(

Unknown author (2012-01-20 03:38:59):

im tired of tryinggg :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Cursored (2012-01-26 03:40:45):

Grr...these instructions suck. D;

Unknown author (2012-01-28 04:00:25):

this sucks i cant find out how to make this my mouse

Unknown author (2012-02-01 14:29:57):

it's not a mouse icon it's a folder icon, when you right-click on a folder and go to properties there's a 'customize' tab, and in there you can change the folder icon (browse for where you saved the icon) and apply changes. hope this helps :-)

Unknown author (2012-03-22 07:02:23):

can't find customize tab...

Unknown author (2012-04-08 23:18:13):

This is using Icons guys. If you want to use a new mouse your talking about a "cursor" -_- |-)

Unknown author (2012-04-12 15:28:18):

Easy download the icon and choose save as , then choose a folder you will remember for example Downloads folder , you may want to change the name of the Icon File for something that resembles more of what you downloading , example if you dowloading a shifter icon the name of the file will appear as OOCIcon.ico so you may want to change that to Shifter.ico, then save it in the dowload folder , once that is done if you want to replace an icon of a shortcut in the Favorite Bar of IExplorer just right click that shortcut and choose to change Icon then browse folders untill you find Dowloands folder and it should be there , just choose it then applied and should be done.

Unknown author (2012-04-23 12:35:28):

when i do it it does not come u

Unknown author (2012-04-27 11:30:08):

hej i've tried these but the problem is that i downloaded an icon and it was saved in my computer as a picture so it can't be used as an icon, and i dont know what to do , so any help in this pls?????

Unknown author (2012-04-28 15:29:55):

Its pretty stupid that you have to have a whole folder for just one ne little icon! :-o |-) :-o

Unknown author (2012-05-07 20:59:34):

omg this takes to longg ;-)

Unknown author (2012-06-04 07:02:27):

Wow this is as clear as mud... -_-

Unknown author (2012-06-04 18:03:09):

I love your icons. I never thought about them before. Thank you to offer these. They're really cheerful so I can see why people like them. Plus you I just followed your directions and it worked, which is pretty amazing, since I didn't even know you could change them. Maybe that helps because I don't have previous ideas about what I think I'm reading to interfere with what I'm reading. ;-)

Unknown author (2012-06-26 21:29:44):

Simply right click an icon. Click a customize, or properties tab and look for the change icon button. Click it, then click browse. The picture should be in downloads or Pictures. :-)

DarkOmega300 (2012-07-06 18:37:36):


Unknown author (2012-09-15 16:22:32):


Unknown author (2012-10-13 06:44:48):

is there any more other option to use except costomizing

Unknown author (2012-11-30 09:06:36):

i wish there's is another option :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2012-12-15 14:50:16):

8-) works dude

Unknown author (2012-12-19 22:06:35):

i got it perfectly fine

Unknown author (2013-02-18 13:56:55):

como eu baixo essa coisa

ctarmansy (2013-02-22 06:10:28):

"Icons can be used to customize shortcuts, folders or USB sticks." Wow. Would it be to much work to explain how?

Unknown author (2013-04-18 00:11:20):

How do you customize folders and USBs and what do you mean by it? :-)

Unknown author (2013-04-22 17:26:53):

is it free?

Unknown author (2013-04-22 22:54:37):

I cant get it for some reason!!! :-(

Unknown author (2013-05-07 15:42:55):

hi idont now how to donloding : :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( |-) |-) |-) |-) -(

Unknown author (2013-06-05 21:49:55):

On an external hard-drive, I created a whole folder full of home videos, each with it's own icon. Works great on the computer which it was created on, but when I try to run it on another computer, non of the icons appears. (Yes, I checked to make sure that the catalog of icons was on the hard-drive in question.)

Is there a trick to getting the icons recognized when the hard-drive is plugged in to another computer?

Unknown author (2013-06-11 23:51:49):

the icon says its there but wont show up on desktop i still got the gay folder look

Unknown author (2013-07-10 20:14:43):

:-( dosen't work

Unknown author (2013-09-19 17:34:29):

Very helpful. Thank You! :-)

Unknown author (2013-10-10 08:31:53):

your file name is .ico, how do you change .cur or .ani to .ico?

Unknown author (2013-11-30 23:05:42):

;-) confusing

Unknown author (2014-01-11 17:44:26):

Chut up!
8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2014-02-13 15:54:28):

hi people how u all doin im in school right now wanna download a cool pointer 8-)

Unknown author (2014-03-18 23:25:09):

Great Thanks :-)

Unknown author (2014-05-12 08:29:13):

How to put icon in my tablet please answer :-o ;-)

Unknown author (2014-06-06 14:00:00):

bad icon software :-(

Unknown author (2014-09-04 14:25:46):

how u download a pointer? 8-)

Unknown author (2014-09-07 20:09:45):

ÿou cant change .cur and .ani to .ico if you want to know .....

Unknown author (2014-09-22 15:54:22):

How to do Download Icon Program Please give Me Answer

Unknown author (2014-11-07 21:52:00):

it wont let me extract it all

Unknown author (2014-11-21 22:22:00):

i still don't know.

Unknown author (2014-11-25 18:30:04):

where it is best save my downloaded icons?

Unknown author (2014-12-18 10:20:03):

it works! thanks! :-)

Unknown author (2014-12-21 22:33:45):

how do i use the cursor?? |-) |-)

Unknown author (2014-12-31 16:37:05):

how do i get powerpoint

linda supervisor

Unknown author (2015-01-11 22:10:05):

how do I download a cursor so that I can use them as a arrow plz get back to me thank you

Nicole latham

Unknown author (2015-01-21 11:53:42):

wtf haha lllooooolll

Unknown author (2015-02-05 19:36:52):

I think you just use it as you would a cursor

Unknown author (2015-02-06 21:49:03):

where to save my icons

Unknown author (2015-05-16 22:17:27):

I can't Get it To work :-(

Unknown author (2015-06-06 19:21:02):

The page to press save it did not pop up

Unknown author (2015-07-06 21:08:39):

I saw it
Pop up

Unknown author (2015-07-29 19:34:07):

The "save" didn't pop up ;c

Unknown author (2015-08-10 05:58:03):

how do u save it????????????????? :-( :-( :-(
plz let me know :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2015-09-07 01:57:31):

Once I download my icons, what is the procedure to put them on my shortcuts?

Unknown author (2015-09-25 16:27:46):

it wont even let me download it |-) :-(

Unknown author (2015-11-21 16:01:46):

it just shows as a picture:(

Unknown author (2015-12-12 08:44:24):

i too have that same peoblem..i just downloaded..but i dont know how to use it

Master Player (2015-12-22 04:26:11):

Where can i find my downloaded icons

Unknown author (2016-01-01 15:12:02):

it just shows as a picture ;-) :-(rainbow dash 8-)

Unknown author (2016-03-15 15:38:40):

it shows a picture ? :-(

Unknown author (2016-03-24 00:07:01):

how do u do it

Unknown author (2016-04-15 08:14:49):

i don't no where it is :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2016-04-16 22:26:21):

dont know what anything after pressing download

mean icons |-) :-o :-( ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2016-06-24 15:30:05):

it is not even a mouse

Unknown author (2016-07-13 13:37:42):

it is just showing a picture :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2016-08-19 03:17:06):

Hm, I have downloaded it, now where do I equip it at?

Unknown author (2016-09-16 18:35:42):

I cant find step one :-( :-o

Unknown author (2016-09-30 03:33:38):

Wait where is step one ;-)

Unknown author (2016-10-16 06:44:38):

how do i use it

Unknown author (2017-01-10 23:51:11):

So confused |-) |-) |-)

Unknown author (2017-02-09 02:32:53):

Cool :-)

Unknown author (2017-02-17 23:36:56):

An awful guide. It doesn't answer the question we all want to know: What do we do once we have the .ico file.

Unknown author (2017-04-28 16:23:12):

I think you can use it to be the icon for a folder or file in windows explorer

Unknown author (2017-05-23 07:10:42):

how to apply these icons

Unknown author (2017-06-04 06:17:34):

Idk What Program You Need To Download these cursors

Unknown author (2017-07-14 08:35:43):


going to keep this simple

if you have windows 10 this is for you

Step 1: go to This PC, next local disk, then Windows, after that system32, finally create a folder titled the type of icon.

Step 2: extract zip and browse until you reach the new folder that you'd created

Step 3: Press Windows+I to open Settings panel, and click Personalization to access Personalization settings.

Step 4: Tap Change desktop icons on the top left of the Personalization window.

Step 5: In the Desktop Icon Settings window, select the icon of This PC and click Change Icon


Unknown author (2017-08-24 06:08:05):

horrible guide, hope I didn't download a virus :-( :-o

ADragonsMom (2017-10-27 01:27:48):

icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image I made and downloaded these, can't figure out how to download the pack tho, it isn't a zipped folder :-(

icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image icon-image/15311-16x16x32.png image HAHAHAHAHAHA Lol just drag 'em into a new tab and it auto downloads 'em.

Unknown author (2018-01-06 02:03:32):

how do i use it

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