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Unknown author (2015-09-03 23:05:21):

yaaay~~ This is what I have been searching for, for a long time :3

nibbler (2016-03-11 16:25:28):

I downloaded a Breeze Cursor theme as a Linux theme, but the cursors are damaged on the bottom-right corner.

AJaxx (2016-04-16 11:30:47):

@Vlasta: Is it possible to have/use this plug-in in RWPaint? That would be greatly appreciated.

AJaxx (2016-06-01 00:14:14):

What I need to be able to do is change the size of the canvas to fit the converted image. Can't do that in RWCursor Editor. It would be great if this plugin was available in RWPaint. Just throwing it out there. A little poke.

Vlasta (2016-06-01 10:08:14):

In order to work, the plug-in needs the application to be able to work with cursors, so it is not easy to add it to RWPaint. Why can't you resize the canvas in the cursor editor? Is something missing?

nibbler (2016-11-16 21:11:09):

How do I size down the cursors and make it a nice cursor? When I sized it down on a breeze cursor set from Linux, the images are cropped to the upper-left corner and the bottom-right of the image is gone. Can you help me?

Unknown author (2019-07-27 03:17:42):

hello from china :-D

Unknown author (2020-06-18 14:42:19):

hello ım from turkey

Unknown author (2021-01-19 16:43:55):

hola terrans
8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2021-04-12 09:29:56):



Unknown author (2021-10-25 04:37:29):

Hi from Jupiter.

Unknown author (2021-12-29 13:42:11):


Unknown author (2022-01-09 18:38:33):

When converting the cursor, if the Linux cursor is not in a pre-configured size (32x, 48x, etc.) the cursor would be slightly cut off from the bottom-right side.

Since there is no configuration for the canvas size of the converted cursor, there's no way to convert certain cursors with an abstract dimension due to this behavior.

Unknown author (2022-04-14 00:58:30):

how do you do this on nemo

Unknown author (2022-11-13 20:04:08):

Hello from California

Unknown author (2022-11-22 21:30:00):

thank you the linux the cursor

Unknown author (2023-03-10 07:02:51):

Hello From Bangladesh!

Unknown author (2023-04-03 20:18:43):

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Unknown author (2023-06-03 06:05:05):


Unknown author (2023-07-28 22:00:12):

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Unknown author (2023-07-31 23:27:24):

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hamzasolom20 (2023-08-10 18:02:43):

Hello from Egyptheatwavesuckslandia

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