Linux cursors

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Edit and create Linux cursors

The Linux XCursor codec allows RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1 and later to open and save Linux cursors.

Unlike other file types supported by the software, Linux cursors files have no default extension. This may cause some problems. For example, it is impossible to associate Linux cursors with any application and they cannot be open by double-clicking them in Windows. They must be opened manually.

Installing Linux XCursor codec

Go to the Online page withing the application, find a Line with plugin/res/RWCodecCursorLinux.png image Linux XCursor codec and click the Install link on that line.

How to convert between Windows and Linux cursors

Converting between Linux and Windows cursors is usually very easy. Basically, after opening the a cursor, go to the File menu and select Save as... command. In the appearing window, select the appropriate item in the File of type box.

Because Windows and Linux expect differently sized images, it may be necessary to adjust size(s) of image(s) before saving the cursors. The Change size command in the Cursor menu should be used for that.

When converting from Linux cursor to a Windows cursor, make sure, there is a 32x32 image in your cursors. When creating multi-resolution cursors for Windows 7 or 8, a 48x48 image should be present too. Also, when saving as Windows cursor, you must manually decide whether to save as a .cur or .ani file. Animated cursors must be saved as .ani files, static cursors should be saved as .cur files.

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user icon Vlasta site administrator on June 1st 2016

In order to work, the plug-in needs the application to be able to work with cursors, so it is not easy to add it to RWPaint. Why can't you resize the canvas in the cursor editor? Is something missing?

user icon The Derpy Girl contributing user on November 16th 2016

How do I size down the cursors and make it a nice cursor? When I sized it down on a breeze cursor set from Linux, the images are cropped to the upper-left corner and the bottom-right of the image is gone. Can you help me?

user icon Anonymous on July 27th 2019

hello from china :-D

user icon Anonymous on June 18th 2020

hello ım from turkey

user icon Anonymous on January 19th 2021

hola terrans
8-) 8-)

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user icon Anonymous on October 25th 2021

Hi from Jupiter.

user icon Anonymous on December 29th 2021


user icon Anonymous on January 9th

When converting the cursor, if the Linux cursor is not in a pre-configured size (32x, 48x, etc.) the cursor would be slightly cut off from the bottom-right side.

Since there is no configuration for the canvas size of the converted cursor, there's no way to convert certain cursors with an abstract dimension due to this behavior.

user icon Anonymous on April 14th

how do you do this on nemo

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?