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Unknown author (2011-05-31 14:38:04):

I Love Cursors! :-)

Unknown author (2011-07-25 19:46:51):


lu9 (2011-08-16 03:16:38):

Me Too! :-D

koby_elian2000 (2011-09-01 02:03:29):

i LOVE CURSORS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. Or in this case I love cursors more than everyone added up!!!!!! :-D

NEOC (2011-11-16 23:02:09):

How enthusiast... Good

Unknown author (2012-02-18 11:17:43):

cursor are so cool :-D

Unknown author (2012-03-21 07:19:48):

:-( mines not working

Unknown author (2012-03-24 21:12:55):

how do i install it???????
:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2012-04-05 16:37:45):

It saves as a .rcu file, how do I convert it?

Vlasta (2012-04-05 16:49:00):

In the save window in "Files of type" box, pick .cur or .ani...

Richard (2012-04-21 13:44:47):

What is alternate select? What does it do? :-(

Unknown author (2012-04-29 17:39:44):



Unknown author (2012-05-04 20:05:29):

mi pregunta es como se ace un cursor aanimado no entiendo hay algien que me pueda explicar o me puede desir una pagina o algo donde lo expliquen correctamente

Unknown author (2012-06-03 04:13:39):

buscalo por youtube

lucia_rox (2012-06-22 03:42:50):

how do u design ur mouse???? :-( :-(

Unknown author (2012-07-09 14:12:11):

Hello, antes me abría una ventana sin yo hacer nada y hacía mi cursor pero ahora Nada :-( ( Español )

Unknown author (2012-08-08 17:45:21):

how i put manta ray my mouse??

egarcia1360 (2012-08-30 08:10:59):

@ .rcu file anonymous
it only saves as an rcu file if it's layered. don't add extra layers, or else it'll turn into .rcu (layered cursor file) 8-)

cruz (2012-10-01 05:03:11):

ola I am in window 7 computer looking for fun chao....

Unknown author (2012-12-14 18:51:19):

else it'll turn into .rcu (layered cursor file :-( :-D :-D :-) )

bandrabbi (2013-01-19 14:37:24):

how do you make animations

Unknown author (2013-02-05 02:40:17):

Hey how to make your own mouse

with cool things

ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2013-03-24 03:21:52):

Si necesitan ayuda envienme un mensaje yo podria decirles donde pueden ir para aclarar sus dudas ó también puedo hacerles un video demostrandoles como :-D

No he visto a nadie que hable español, casi todos usan google traductor xD

REC0N (2013-06-22 19:38:30):

how do you make a set?

Unknown author (2014-06-16 19:43:41):

Ahoj...Nevím jak mám kurzor dát do PC

Unknown author (2014-08-04 19:09:56):

Translation: Hi ... I do not know how I put the cursor into the PC

ekudyour (2014-08-26 11:48:14):

how to set up my colour ;-)

Galaxy xx (2014-12-30 18:23:04):

I just made my own animated one check one out please ;-)

Unknown author (2015-01-23 21:40:43):

why is my mouse invisible. i have tried using two different mouse pictures but when i start up my computer my mouse will be invisible. the only way so far i can fix it is to select a different mouse style and click apply and then select the one i downloaded and apply it again.

paulhyoink (2015-06-01 00:39:52):

It depends on what version of computer you have. If it's old, it will be invisible. If it is up to date, restart your PC or re-download it. Hope this is useful Peace Out! :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2015-08-07 23:12:23):

how can I change the hot spot point on the cursor

daniel boyz (2015-08-21 01:58:40):

how can I get to the cursors I upload?

Unknown author (2015-10-15 18:02:26):

How can i get these to work on a chromebook

Unknown author (2016-04-07 20:27:27):

how to I enable the Icon

Unknown author (2016-05-15 17:35:39):

What type of cursors are there for mac explain

littlelego (2017-04-17 19:20:27):

i forgot how to make a set can someone plz help me?

Underbow (2017-04-20 00:00:14):

To change hotspot on downloaded cursors, simpily go to cursor editor, select the file for the cursor, and select hotspot tool. unavailable on system cursors :-(.

to create set, gallery>create set>go down page>upaload cursors>create set>select cursors>upaload :-D

enable by going to personalize windows>change mouse pointers>*pointer type*>Browse>select the file>open :-) ;-)

Unavailable :-o on apple

hope this helps ;-)

siant nick (2017-07-31 12:12:38):

check mac os x cursor

:-D http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/mac-os-x-2

oh_pointy_bird (2017-08-02 21:24:25):


RIDDLER (2018-01-25 05:28:55):

Please someone explain to me on how to edit the cursor modifier? :-o :-(

JaeSix (2018-07-06 22:31:09):

Making Cursors are pretty fun :-D

Unknown author (2018-11-10 19:12:58):

idk how to make a cursors ;-) :-)

Unknown author (2019-04-18 17:57:29):

But when i restart or switch off my computer it gets default but later it gets as it is was, why is that

Unknown author (2019-05-01 09:39:14):

Anonymous user, this is because your cursors are most likely only shown when you are logged in on your account :-(

(as in, your account on the computer)

Unknown author (2019-06-09 03:36:53):

I simply want to delete one fish from the upper right corner please I don't need or use it.

Unknown author (2019-08-22 01:40:13):

How do I put other people's pre-made cursors on my window 10 computer? :3

Vlazteron (2019-09-28 17:44:45):

Good article! Thanks, Vlasta

Vlazteron (2019-11-18 23:38:11):

I appreciate your help, I might make some cursors, I will also make sure that the hotspots of the cursors be in the right place so people don't get confused.

Thanks for the article!


Unknown author (2019-12-09 18:52:45):

how to sumbit cursors???

Unknown author (2020-01-15 20:14:04):

How do I customize non-applied cursors?!

Unknown author (2020-04-06 01:51:29):

I like the cursor s on this website, thank yiouy

Unknown author (2020-06-22 00:11:17):

My laptop was hacked and supposedly cleaned yet the cursor still appears on my screen. How Can I delete it

W Rich (2020-08-18 06:24:50):


it doesnt let me rate

It does not let me rate :-(

Unknown author (2020-09-25 20:22:47):

Thank you. Now I know what's a mouse cursor and its purpose. I'm new to this.

Unknown author (2020-09-30 07:29:15):

how do I add my saved curser to my chromebok? :3

Unknown author (2020-10-30 11:05:22):

Many thanks it was successful! it's pretty cool to use and I will glad to share it with others too.

BlueMouse6 (2020-11-06 04:50:21):

Without A Cursor. Your Be Left With A "Touchscreen" Computer

Unknown author (2020-11-08 19:29:04):

it does not work for windows 7

Unknown author (2020-11-15 11:39:41):

i cant have it :<

Unknown author (2020-11-20 07:45:00):

it dosent work for meHH :-D

Unknown author (2020-12-04 04:07:04):

The goverment controls all birds, wake up people, birds arent real theya re robots spying on us the reals birds died in the great bird dieoff of 1732 caused by a fungus, its real look it up.

Unknown author (2020-12-14 12:30:27):


Unknown author (2021-01-15 10:28:54):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


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