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slayyou910 (2010-09-20 23:30:19):

i made 2 new cursors how do i put them on the site?

Vlasta (2010-09-20 23:31:15):

cursor-add or from the editor

slayyou910 (2010-09-22 23:38:12):

hey every body i need a good idea for more cusors ill make a good idea and will put u for credit 8-)

Vlasta (2010-09-22 23:39:06):

Starcraft 2 cursors?

slayyou910 (2010-09-22 23:41:47):

whats that ???

slayyou910 (2010-09-22 23:42:07):

brb im up loading a new one!!!

slayyou910 (2010-09-22 23:43:46):

im back :-)

slayyou910 (2010-09-23 00:10:24):

yo dont send my email that i forgot pass :-D

Vlasta (2010-09-23 00:12:01):

put more cursor in each set, it is better 8-)

slayyou910 (2010-09-23 00:35:42):

i did it now 1 more for rs 8-)

slayyou910 (2010-09-23 00:45:03):

how did u get so many sets with stars(popluar) :-o

Anonymous (2010-12-26 04:22:05):


Teddy (2010-12-29 01:01:50):

vlasta designed this site HE is popular :-D and i own many, 2

Anonymous (2010-12-30 04:40:03):

do not say people stink

Teddy (2011-01-04 11:03:19):

you said I stink because I copied your cursor or what? I'm a longer rw member than you I make other (and better) runescape cursor than you so watch you mouth.
sorry for being so harsh.

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