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oneday (2012-02-10 16:01:29):

pic just looks like me but she is not me ;-)

SWAGGURLL100 (2012-02-10 16:17:37):

yea ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

oneday (2012-02-11 01:29:55):

like no joke she does :-)

ElectricumViridis (2012-02-11 03:57:34):

hey ;-)

oneday (2012-02-11 04:04:04):

lol :-D

life twists & turns (2012-02-12 23:40:14):

supp jay-tee

oneday (2012-02-12 23:42:41):

chillen nxt to u hahahaha ;-)

TwiSteD_L0v3rR (2012-02-13 03:28:31):

jessica taylor wat ish you doinqq??? ima eat yuu u wait :-D

oneday (2012-02-13 04:41:37):

hahahaha not if i get u first :-D

I love Jessica Taylor indat and idat (2012-02-14 01:46:51):


oneday (2012-02-14 02:02:01):

lol ;-)

TwiSteD_L0v3rR (2012-02-15 03:04:03):

nahz ill def eats u first yom yom yom ;-) ehehehehe oh yeaz its been ages since we went on friggin attack! attack! :-D

oneday (2012-02-15 04:16:46):

ino but it dont work :-o

TwiSteD_L0v3rR (2012-02-20 01:42:38):

ikr :-O thats so riggd!!!! oh if he doesnt stop following me i will kill him literally

Unknown author (2012-02-23 05:16:46):

i hate this world to and im a tomboy so i get were you are coming from 8-)

I love Jessica Taylor indat and idat (2012-02-24 08:24:39):

ahahahaha <3 :-D

Tails the fox (2012-02-24 15:09:52):

hi guys and girls icon-image/4631-16x16x32.png image

you can eat this icon-image/6167-16x16x32.png image(hamburger)

I love Jessica Taylor indat and idat (2012-02-24 22:36:23):

thats awesome :-D

TwiSteD_L0v3rR (2012-02-27 02:15:43):

i want sum hammi burgar :/ sis inbox me becoz im gunna hurt someone! :-(

i hate him i hate him i hate him i hate him let me kill him let me kill him

Tails the fox (2012-03-01 14:28:39):

wow calm down its OK here eat a icon-image/5740-16x16x32.png image

TwiSteD_L0v3rR (2012-03-05 04:39:41):

check me pic sis <3 :-D

TwiSteD_L0v3rR (2012-03-06 23:36:45):

oh n thanx tails c: that help'd :-D

coolguyrox (2012-03-26 23:56:46):

wow!! :-D

I love Jessica Taylor indat and idat (2012-04-14 17:25:53):


Unknown author (2012-04-22 15:16:14):

so whos on here?

Lost Girl (2012-04-24 04:41:46):

Sorry, bear with me Jess.

Lost Girl (2012-04-30 05:55:47):

Jess, are you online?

Lost Girl (2012-05-03 05:08:43):

I like it! It looks cool! Yourhand drawing is awesome!

oneday (2012-05-03 05:10:14):


Lost Girl (2012-05-03 05:12:54):

No problem Jessica.

I love Jessica Taylor indat and idat (2012-05-06 05:26:45):

hehe jessica :P

Unknown author (2012-05-09 23:32:37):

thts cool! :-D

Unknown author (2012-05-11 13:43:14):

hola read

Unknown author (2012-05-14 06:42:31):

im zander* thaz cool i needa grl frend like u sumday so they can undrstand.
nota whole lot do lol, soz if ur youngr than 15 but iz true i say that cuz sum ppl below that age hava less undrstanding about howta wthstand future life and not go ovr new thoughts of strting ovr. wich thnkin bout it now iz much betr,im not askin u out cuz i dnt even kno u,if ur youngr than me er not but by telin bout wat u put ur still in school er jst got out not long ago.

oneday (2012-05-16 01:17:16):

im 15 and r u talking about the cutting thing or not and u should create a profile so we can talk sometime thanx Jess :-D

JDDellGuy (2012-05-16 07:04:04):

Cutting will not fix anything, you have said yourself, that it makes you feel empty when you are done. What about your life is so horrible that doing that can make you feel better?

I am so sad that there are such things in the world. The way to feel better will never come as a result of harming yourself. You will only feel bad afterward. What makes you so sad?

I love Jessica Taylor indat and idat (2012-05-16 07:43:42):


oneday (2012-05-17 02:20:11):


JDDellGuy (2012-05-17 05:42:51):

That can't be correct. What do you mean by everything?

oneday (2012-05-18 03:57:52):


Tails the fox (2012-05-22 19:52:24):

come on plz tell us.

I love Jessica Taylor indat and idat (2012-05-23 00:03:09):

She can't

oneday (2012-05-23 06:52:24):

thanks babe

Tails the fox (2012-05-23 18:46:11):

ok sorry. i hope things get better for you icon-image/4631-16x16x32.png image

oneday (2012-05-25 06:02:37):

thank youu >.<

Scott (2012-05-25 14:12:24):

If you need anything, any help, I'm probably gonna be somewhere around here.

oneday (2012-05-28 04:50:27):

thanx :-D

Unknown author (2012-06-10 16:32:22):

your chubby

oneday (2012-06-14 03:26:16):


TwiSteD_L0v3rR (2012-07-18 02:40:42):

heya sis im ored as help? :-D

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-09-19 03:05:45):

:-o Umm . . . I think I agree with JDDellGuy and I don't see how "everything" can be a problem

oneday (2012-10-29 08:06:27):

well MATE you dont know me or my life so fuck off love jess :-D

ElectricumViridis (2012-11-16 17:58:04):

haha hi??

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