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Lost Girl (2012-03-07 03:05:42):

Do I know you? You posted on my profile and I'm not quiet sure where I know you from? COuld you possibly tell me where you know me so I can see if I know you? icon-image/5320-16x16x32.png image |-)

Nintendo (2012-03-11 00:32:25):

i've seen you in school....

Tyson (2012-03-13 00:23:34):

What is ur real name

Nintendo (2012-03-16 00:37:57):


Nintendo (2012-03-16 18:39:19):

this is one of my favorite icons icon-6835

Nintendo (2012-03-16 19:19:21):

i just learned


and italic

Nintendo (2012-03-19 01:57:03):

hey , guys

i changed my nick name

how you like thoes apples vlasta

JDDellGuy (2012-03-19 05:10:10):

Lol, name changing is something that Ghost, er...Harry's Sister has gotten us quite used to actually... icon-image/4581-16x16x32.png image

Lost Girl (2012-03-20 04:26:28):

JDDellGuy! I'm here you know?

Nintendo (2012-03-21 01:18:43):

fire cursor

Matias0211 (2012-04-05 06:53:10):

Cool color's name ;-)

Nintendo (2012-04-05 06:55:48):

thanks :-D

sixλxis gave me flashlight

Matias0211 (2012-04-05 16:26:31):

Ey yoshi, wario in wario land 3 isn't yellow!!

Nintendo (2012-04-06 00:03:23):

oh sorry i only played some old mario games and lots of new ones ill check my history next time :-)

Nintendo (2012-04-06 20:53:13):

sorry guys im done making cursors :-(

Nintendo (2012-04-07 06:27:39):

nvm :-D im back and ready to do some pro shading

Nintendo (2012-04-07 08:32:58):

please check this ye ol pro http://www.rw-designer.com/user/4989

Nintendo (2012-04-07 23:12:29):

just earned buttonless jacket for my profile pretty cool :-D

Nintendo (2012-04-08 06:01:26):

my name is nearly to long for page

Nintendo (2012-04-08 22:11:37):

my old fave game back in 2005

Matias0211 (2012-04-09 04:51:15):

I liked more the color and the name you had before

Nintendo (2012-04-09 06:29:03):

i will get green again and the yoshi thing

Tails the fox (2012-04-09 19:02:45):

dude i love your nickname nice one. ima HUGE nintendo fan to icon-image/4631-16x16x32.png image

Matias0211 (2012-04-11 14:22:49):

And what about sega? :-( (?

Nintendo (2012-05-07 04:34:40):

im no longer active on this site you are welcome to admire my custom profile pic i made it myself :3

Tails the fox (2012-06-01 14:41:39):

come on im just jokeing dude.and look my name is tails the fox icon-image/5318-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-05-25 09:59:48):

youre awesome

Nintendo (2014-10-17 09:59:27):

omg its been a while since ive been online i have become such a dedicated artist now since ive been here this site is basicly what i used to love to do and now im a digital/traditonal artist i cant beleive when almost 3 years ago i did cursors and now i do anime (mostly) im probally gonna start uploading again sometime after i change my name lol

hunter17p (2014-10-21 17:59:30):

U like clash of clans

Nintendo (2015-02-04 23:17:34):

Sorry i havent posted in like 2 years i mainly focus on drawing stuff for my DA but some time i will post a set here

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