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achamo (2017-04-09 00:37:27):

Cleared my comments section clean so that a new generation of comment posting can begin on my profile. I thought everything in there was junk I didn't need, so that's the reason I cleared my comment section.

Shantorian (2017-04-20 03:00:35):

icon-image/7104-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2017-04-20 11:22:13):


I'm schleep


Nigga i'm woke

achamo (2017-04-25 18:25:56):


@Unknown author
Don't call me a ▀▀▀▀▀▀.

Vini e Digo CHANNEL (2017-04-28 13:17:21):

Você é brasileiro??

achamo (2017-04-28 18:31:47):

@Vini's creator
No, I'm not. I'm American, and I speak english. :-)
Não, eu não sou. Eu sou americano, e eu falo inglês. :-)

Vini e Digo CHANNEL (2017-04-30 02:56:24):

Okay icon-image/14723-16x16x32.png image , but... why your name is shark in portuguese??

achamo (2017-05-04 04:59:19):

Because I am going to go to swim team this summer, and our mascot is the shark.
Porque eu vou para a equipe de natação neste verão, e nosso mascote é o tubarão.

And my name isn't Tubarao anymore. It's Prins Christianssund, named after a station in Greenland! Greenlandic/Eskimo names are so clever and creative. 8-)

Vini e Digo CHANNEL (2017-05-04 18:47:23):

Ok icon-image/14723-16x16x32.png image

ツ Mimi Destin♡ (2017-07-30 10:54:08):

Hola, como estas? :-D

achamo (2017-08-06 19:31:06):

Estoy bien, gracias. :-)

adrenochromedream (2017-11-25 20:41:08):

just saying hello

achamo (2017-12-16 06:27:52):


VrCat (2018-03-08 17:46:02):

Great! :-D

Wolf_KittyYT (2018-06-06 11:27:28):


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