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Hello, I'm Thomas. I'm 15, a Volga German from the USA, and have Asperger's.

RW-Designer user from 2016 to 2018 who took a hiatus up to 2021 (I'm still quite inactive). Now I'm 15 and pursuing a career path in computer science (and if that doesn't work, something in STEM).

I'm quite into computers and history. I enjoy tinkering around in virtual machines (psst, tell me if you've got sound and graphics drivers for DOS-kernel Windows!), and I also have taken passion in the history of Central Europe. I'm also a German language learner, and am studying it for heritage reasons.

Shout out to the cool people from those days of yonder: Mimi, Nibbler (now StickyChannel92), and the big man himself (Vlasta)!

Happy to chat with you if you've got Discord (Benderbee#3733 is my handle), or talking on my profile is acceptable as well.

Featured art


Golden Coins Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on January 26th 2017 by Benderbee

Based off of the popularized Golden Coin!

Meant for right-handed people, but if you are left handed and confident, you can use these to your leisure.

DID YOU KNOW: This set was originally going to be a set of smileys!

Latest art

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Scientific and Microscopic TeaserScientific and Microscopic Icons
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Undertale Souls TeaserUndertale Souls Icons
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Golden Coins TeaserGolden Coins Cursors
by Benderbee202Based off of the popularized Golden Coin! Meant for right-handed peop...
Hand Drawn TeaserHand Drawn Cursors
by Benderbee1264This is an original cartoonish set, perfect for the cartoonists out t...
Tailless Custom TeaserTailless Custom Cursors
by Benderbee1996My first ever cursor set THIS TOOK ME ABOUT OVER AN HOUR TO MAKE Cred...

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user icon Anonymous on December 28th 2019


user icon Benderbee registered user on December 31st 2019


user icon Vlazteron registered user on January 1st 2020


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user icon Anonymous on April 29th 2020

How to install black and red cursors from Pierre in windows?

user icon ♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ registered user on August 3rd 2021

Hi bro are you new to RW website I didn't seen you before :-)

user icon Benderbee registered user on September 18th 2021

Hi bro are you new to RW website I didn't seen you before :-)
- ┏(^0^)┛liyanado graphic davinci┗(^0^) ┓

No, my account has been registered on RW for about five years. However, there may be a good chance you don't know me, since indecisive me went under many, many usernames over the years, many of which only lasted a few days. People like Nibbler/StickyChannel92 would probably recognize me.

Usernames include:

  • Torchicishot
  • Tubarao
  • Prins Christianssund
  • A lot more that I can't cover right now

For more information, I'd recommend reading my timeline.

user icon ♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ registered user on September 20th 2021

Ok icon-image/14468-16x16x32.png image icon-image/22925-16x16x32.png image

user icon ファントム registered user on September 27th 2021

I started almost a year ago.
I just remember being excited that i can make my own cursors and share them. i think my first ones were all static lol

user icon ♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ registered user on September 29th 2021

Guys I have made a new disscusing forum let's chat on it icon-image/14468-16x16x32.png image

This is the link of my new forum

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