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Hello, I am Tubarão!
Currently saving up for a button pom so I have my own "efficient money farm"
I have achieved 2 buttonless shirts!

When I get to middle school and do modern languages, I will do Spanish because 1. it unlocks a lot of the world, and 2. I can teach myself portuguese by learning spanish. I think portuguese is basically spanish but with grammar and spelling changed.


MY IMAGINARY PEOPLE I'M FOLLOWING LIST: EzequielEzBrasil, Nibbler, cdl, BoomFail, Awesome Cards Andy, Censor_Not

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Golden Coins Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on January 26th 2017 by tubarão

Based off of the popularized Golden Coin!

Meant for right-handed people, but if you are left handed and confident, you can use these to your leisure.

DID YOU KNOW: This set was originally going to be a set of smileys!

Latest art

Cubular Microsoft Office TeaserCubular Microsoft Office Icons
by tubarão11Translation errors may occur. ENGLISH: Well? It's Microsoft Office ic...
Scientific and Microscopic TeaserScientific and Microscopic Icons
by tubarão111A set of quarks, molecules, atoms, and other scientific entities and ...
Undertale Souls TeaserUndertale Souls Icons
by tubarão541The hearts or souls from the popular game Undertale, played by millio...
Golden Coins TeaserGolden Coins Cursors
by tubarão140Based off of the popularized Golden Coin! Meant for right-handed peop...
Hand Drawn TeaserHand Drawn Cursors
by tubarão744This is an original cartoonish set, perfect for the cartoonists out t...
Tailless Custom TeaserTailless Custom Cursors
by tubarão1334My first ever cursor set THIS TOOK ME ABOUT OVER AN HOUR TO MAKE Cred...

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user icon tubarão registered user on April 9th

Cleared my comments section clean so that a new generation of comment posting can begin on my profile. I thought everything in there was junk I didn't need, so that's the reason I cleared my comment section.

user icon Shantorian registered user on April 20th

icon-image/7104-16x16x32.png image

user icon Anonymous on April 20th


I'm schleep


Nigga i'm woke

user icon tubarão registered user on April 25th


@Unknown author
Don't call me a ▀▀▀▀▀▀.

user icon Vini's creator registered user on April 28th

Você é brasileiro??

user icon tubarão registered user on April 28th

@Vini's creator
No, I'm not. I'm American, and I speak english. :-)
Não, eu não sou. Eu sou americano, e eu falo inglês. :-)

user icon Vini's creator registered user yesterday

Okay icon-image/14723-16x16x32.png image , but... why your name is shark in portuguese??

user icon Anonymous
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