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Unknown author (2019-06-21 08:17:32):

:-) It is amazing! :-D

C00L CUR$0R$ (2019-10-30 04:04:28):

You make really good cursors and your cursors are very creative, especially the chee face ones! keep on making cursors!

AstronautVII (2019-11-07 22:29:00):

You make really interesting and really good cursors.
I love how you made these cursors.

RIDDLER (2019-11-25 02:07:39):

Your creativity is very inspiring. Please make Windows shaped cursors. They look much better and cleaner for Windows.

TeraSoft (2019-11-29 23:40:39):

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ember Moon (2019-12-01 02:18:55):

Thanks! You too

RIDDLER (2019-12-06 22:28:38):

Very nice pencil collection.

Ember Moon (2019-12-07 22:00:28):

thank you

Ember Moon (2019-12-20 17:29:49):


eeveelover64 (2020-01-10 01:58:53):

Hello der, wildflower (y did u change ur username?)

Ember Moon (2020-01-10 05:04:38):

I didn't change my name, I changed the URL that links to my profile to "wildflower" because I really like Wildflower and I would change my name to it but nobody would recognize me then :-(

eeveelover64 (2020-02-23 06:30:37):

Oh, & could u make sum blue(berry) cursors i think it would fit in nicely w/ this set, y'know RGB! :-D :-) ;-) 8-) :-o

Ember Moon (2020-02-29 02:26:33):

thanks, great suggestion!!

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