Assembling icons from images

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Assembling icons from images

The icon assembling function allows quick conversion of multiple prepared images into a single icon. No filter is applied to the the source images, they must already have correct sizes (like 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 pixels).

This function should be used if you already have images in correct format (for example from a Linux or web project). If you only have a single image, using the classic image to icon conversion wizard may be a better choice.

First, create a new icon (preferably an empty one - without any images). Then drag and drop the source images from Windows Explorer or another file manager to the list of images in an icon. Multiple files may be dragged at once.

rsrc/assemble-icon.png image

The dropped images must have valid sizes. For Windows icons (.ico), the size must be between 1x1 and 256x256 pixels. Mac icons only allow a group of predefined sizes.

The application will automatically detect color depth of the dropped images and add (or overwrite) the correct format.

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