Batch file rename

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Batch file rename

This batch operation can be use to rename and save several pictures at once.

  • as a batch operation on its own
  • at the end of a batch operation you created yourself

You will be prompted for the name of the pictures, than they will be saved in the "modified" subfolder of the current folder, with and index at the end.

This require using the JavaScript operation instead of Batch - Save Result.
The following code must be used:


Configuration.AddEditBox("name", "Name", "Base of file name.",
Configuration.GetValueOrDefault("name", "_name_"));


var save = Operation.Create("Batch - Save Result");
save.OutputPath = "%FOLDER%\\modified\\"+Configuration.GetValue("name")+"-%INDEX%.%EXT%";
Operation.Execute(save, Document, Context);

You can download the file here: batch-rename.rwbatchop

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