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Batch operation archive

RealWorld Icon Editor and RealWorld Photos are able to work in Batch Mode and supports custom operations. The operation can be either created in the application or imported.


Prepare for webAutomatic rotation by EXIF tag, resizing and conversion to .jpg.prepare-for-web.rwbatchop
Batch RenameRename a series of pictures at once (you get prompted for the name), and save them in a subfolder of the current folder. It can also be used as the last step of a batch, instead of the "batch - save results" operation.batch-rename.rwbatchop
Batch colorize iconApply effect on all images of an icon.colorize-icon.rwbatchop


Some of the operations will not work in every application. For example an operation working with icons will not be usable in RealWorld Photos. Similarly, an operation requiring EXIF tags will not work correctly in RealWorld Icon Editor, because the EXIF module is not installed.

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user icon Erik registered user on February 28th 2011

Very nice function, I have fun with using that.

user icon Anonymous on November 7th 2014

how do I change the language of the program

user icon Anonymous on August 2nd

How do I add serial number label to image

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I wish there were...