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soo one day i was just wondering around my house, thinking about the next thing i wanted to do. for some strange reason i started thinking about lightning, and i looked at my class ring, a white gold ring with a emerald on top (my birthstone). i slowly start thinking of a whitty name electricum viridis (green electricty). i started to build from that, everything i had, i wanted to be technological and/or green. around this time i started making digital art with photoshop, and i figured what better way to start the trend of mine, than making some pictures, background, cursors, and totally customize my computer to my desire. hopefully you guys will enjoy some of the stuff i put out on the internet, even if you don't i can say i had a good time making all of this. if i ever get popular enough i will make videos tutorials soo maybe someone will pick up some tricks they haven't thought of yet.

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