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Today, with a lot of help from the kind and generous members of RW Community, I finally attained a RWIE voucher/license. I didn't think I would get there when I first started earning/saving buttons. And with much gratitude, it is done. I want to thank everyone, you know who you are, for your support and kindness, THANK YOU! Now, it's on to the next one...

Ratings & Buttons

I seem to be having problems collecting buttons for reviews? Yesterday, I reviewed/rated five sets and received two buttons. Today, I reviewed/rated 8 sets and received 3 buttons?? I'll never reach my goal of procuring enough buttons for a icon & photo license. It's baffling...

Cursors & Cursers...

I am attempting to collect as many cursors as is possible; To fairly credit the authors of those cursors and organize them in a respectable manner. There are so many fantastic cursors that people aren't aware of and I believe that they should be shared and enjoyed. Peace!

Button Quest

I need to reach the button amount for a license voucher for icon & paint. My plan is enter the TOTM, every month and write 6 reviews daily. I should reach that goal in a month or two. I really don't expect to win the TOTM. Too many good artists here. Let me start writing reviews... Peace!

Random Thoughts

What's on my mind? Well, my internet is acting up and pissing me off! I should be working but F-it! Never do today what you can do tomorrow. I'd rather be surfing or scuba diving! I love women!! Good Day...

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