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Entry1/Accepting Left-Handed Cursor Conversion Requests

Well, I have been here on RealWorld Graphics for a while, about a few months, I suppose, and I've decided to start my blog, especially since I'm on here really often. Well, as first order of busy-ness*, I will start by accepting requests for conversion of my cursors to left-handed sets**. If the cursors aren't symmetrical or have the pointer on, or are facing the right, or for any other reason (although I can't think of any) are right-handed, I will convert them to left-handed upon request. I would like you to know that I have labeled all my cursors in right-handed sets as right-handed(even Resize, Move, etc.) If anyone requests left-handed cursors, I may upload them to the site, if the demand for left-handed cursors is popular. I may even *takes breath...* Ok, I may even re-upload all my cursor sets on the site , although I doubt it, because it would take a while since you can't flip images, but I might, upon extremely popular demand from people. If ONLY YOU COULD FLIP! *ahem* I SAID, Vlasta, IF ONLY YOU COULD FLIP! (Hint-Hint)

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