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I really like rw paint for pixel art since the pencil tool is very convenient and the draw space is free from clutter.
Often you want to restrict yourself to only a few colors, so I thought it would be nice to be able to save a pallet of colors.
We already have the recently used colors, but sometimes it can be hard to control exactly what appears there, and it would be nice to have a row of colors that we can drag and drop around. Drag to add one, drag away to remove, and drag within them to re-order.

Suggested Improvements to Paint

So I've been using RW Paint A LOT recently and over the past few years, and what bugs me is sometimes certain pixels don't appear as they really are in the image.

Well I didn't mean to cause any harm, but it seems like I managed to put two impossible high scores in the 15 puzzle leaderboard. Whoops, that should be removed...

It would be really cool if RW paint had a feature built in that lets you convert
images to a data URL.
Like this website does:
I usually go to that website every time I need this, so it would be cool if
it were built in.

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