Raster Image - Blur

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Raster Image - Blur

The Blur operation is an operation plug-in, which works with raster images and performs a Gaussian, box, angular, or zoom-like blur with given intensity.

The blur can be applied multiple times if iteration is greater than 1.

The blur operation is available as several separate commands in the user interface.


GUID: 4DD76D14-45A2-4FE5-9870-0DC94A53DF75

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
Typeint0 - Gaussian
1 - box
2 - vertical
3 - horizontal
4 - radial
5 - zoom
Radiusfloat8.0radius in pixelsfor Gaussian blur only
Sizeint5size in pixelsfor box blur only
VSizeint10size in pixelsfor vertical blur only
HSizeint10size in pixelsfor horizontal blur only
Anglefloat2.0angle in degreesfor radial blur only
Zoomint10amount in relative unitsfor zoom blur only

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