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Changes in Windows Vista Beta 2 icons.

Note: The browsable collection of icon screenshots was removed on Microsoft's request.

Beta 1 icons first impression

Windows Vista Beta 1 contained 104 hi-resolution icons. When examining these high-resolution icons, you will notice that the general style used in Beta 1 icons is not uniform. Some icons have no shadow, some have a 3D-like shadow, some have classic shadow pointing to bottom right corner, some to the bottom left corner. Similar situation is with the reflection effects. Microsoft seems to still experiment with these effects and they will most probably change the icons in the final Vista build and give them more uniform look and feel. Nevertheless, the high-resolution graphics are very impressive and we are eager to see more of it in Beta 2 (planned for early 2006).

More resources

An article about compressed Vista icons.

Editor for Vista Icons - be sure to pick up the 2006.1 version if you want to work with hi-res compressed Windows Vista icons.


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user icon Anonymous on January 30th 2006

What part of "Providing download would be not be legal" don't you understand?

user icon Anonymous on April 4th 2006

I have a set of vista icons which can be used with xp. But I don't know how to? please help.

user icon Anonymous on May 17th 2006

as mo mentioned above, if you cant reach the address, please go to

user icon Anonymous on May 18th 2006

or go to "http://localhost", you can download plenty of vista cool stuff

user icon Anonymous on May 21st 2006

how i can make secrntshot like you way for all icons?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on May 24th 2006

The screenshots are created by a cutom tool. It may be released as an extension to RW Icon Editor in the future.

user icon Anonymous on June 19th 2006

LOL or http://localhost ?

If you visit those links why not just say "Hey guys you can download the icons with the following url : www.c:\Windows\Icons\.com

user icon Anonymous on June 20th 2006

To make screenshots, use Axilias IconWorkShop, the same that Vlasta have used, i believe ;-)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on June 21st 2006

Not really, they were made using this custom tool. Just drag and drop icons on it and previews are created. (RW Icon Editor must be installed, otherwise the tool will fail.)

user icon Anonymous on December 10th 2006

I need to download realworld icon editor before christmas

user icon Anonymous