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RealWorld Icon Editor license

RealWorld Icon Editor is commercial software and a valid license is needed when using it for any other than evaluation purposes. Starting with version 2010.1, each license includes a minimum of 5 years of free upgrades.

Step 1: License type

All features and flexible license.

Some features are disabled.

Owners of Professional license enjoy all the features of the application, including batch processing, and all downloadable content. Also, the license owner may choose to use alternate workstation licensing mode (multiple users may use the application on a single computer).

Step 2: Payment method

PayPal accepts payments via credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and checks.

eSellerate accepts all kinds of payments and processes VAT in selected countries.

Step 3: Checkout

It is recommended to log-in or create an account before buying a license. Why?

License owner name: (mandatory)

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The Standard license for RealWorld Icon Editor can be purchased using bitcoins (free digital currency).
Price depends on current market value. Please send an email to

Upgrading to version 2010.1

Personal licenses prior to version 2010.1 did not include free updates, but we offer all owners of these licenses a free upgrade if they fill-in a questionnaire. Before you can start aswering, you to log-in or create an account.

Frequently asked questions

When will I receive the license?

In optimal case, immediately. If something goes wrong, within 2 days after the payment is completed. To minimize the chance of the second option, fill in your full name and use your PayPal balance or credit card - do NOT use eChecks. After completing the payment, continue back to this site.

Why do you need my name?

The serial number sent to you only works with the given name. This policy simplifies recovery of lost licenses and reduces license sharing (software piracy). It is our opinion that linking a serial number to the owner's name is preferable to a complicated or sneaky activation mechanism.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes, if you plan to buy 3 or more licenses or if you need a company-wide license, please send an email to

Do you have other discounts?

Not at this moment.

Why don't you offer unlimited free upgrades like some other products do?

The word unlimited is just a marketing trick with fuzzy meaning. We prefer hard facts (5 years) to marketing tricks. Check out new features in recent versions of RealWorld Icon Editor and compare it with history of new features of products offering unlimited upgrades. You'll be surprised.