Clone drawing tool

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Clone drawing tool

rsrc/clone-tool.png image CLONE is a drawing tool capable of copying pixels from one location of the image to another one. Since CLONE is a meta-tool, it requires another tool to specify the pixels to overwrite.

CLONE supports 3 ways to copy the pixels and 2 modes for specifying the source pixels.

  • Copy entire pixels - this is the default copying mode known from other applications with clone tool.
  • Copy details - only copies higher frequencies.
  • Copy background - only copies lower frequencies.

When relative reference point is enabled, the source point is always following the cursor.

To set reference point, hold down CTRL and click with left mouse button.

See the clone tools in action in the cloning tutorial.

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on October 9th 2014

i cant find the clone tool

user icon Anonymous on October 20th 2014

Are you serious

user icon Anonymous on August 30th 2015

I don't know how to send image from gig gallery to fiverr

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
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