Raster Image - Color Adjustments

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Raster Image - Color Adjustments

The Color Adjustments operation is an operation plug-in, which works with raster images and modifies contrast, brightness, gamma and color saturation of every pixel in an image.

Brightness is modified by adding or subtracting a constant value, Contrast is changed by decreasing or increasing the difference of a pixel from a gray color. Gamma performs a mapping using an exponential function. Color saturation makes a pixel more or less monochromatic.


GUID: 179FED75-A48F-4708-AF14-56BFB2A2ADBC

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
Brightnessinteger0-255 to 255

Shortcut: CTRL + K

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on January 6th 2011

como poi a bolinha? ;-)

user icon Anonymous on June 4th 2011

como colo ca bolinha

user icon ipon registered user on June 29th 2011

Opo iki????

user icon Anonymous on April 4th 2012

How do you zoom the view when applying corrections? I'm zoomed in 1200% on my picture, but when I try to adjust brightness/contrast/etc., it show only a 100% view. I can't see anything at that zoom level.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on April 4th 2012

With the mouse wheel after clicking on the preview... or double click it.

user icon o c e a n s registered user on October 9th

How do you make a mouse cursor negative (ie. flips the colour of the background, like the text cursor)?

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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