Conical gradient fill style

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Conical (angular) gradient fill style

rsrc/conical-fill.png image CONICAL is a fill style that fills a shape with an angular gradient (value equals angle). An object filled with this gradient looks like a cone. The gradient is using currently selected foreground and background colors.

Scripting interface

RADIAL can be used from scripts and has the following arguments.

  • gradient (optional) - at least two items each consisting of position in range 0-65535 followed by 4 numbers for RGBA channels in range 0-1. First item must be at position 0, last item must be at position 65535 and the sequence must be increasing.
  • mode - "ABSOLUTE", "RELSHAPE" (default) or "RELIMAGE".
  • center_X, center_Y (optional if mode is not ABSOLUTE) - a central point. In relative modes [0, 0] is upper right corner of shape or image, and [1, 1] is lower right corner of shape or image.


DrawTool.SetFillStyle("CONICAL", "ABSOLUTE,100,100");

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