Cursor Set - All Gen 6 Pokemon

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All Gen 6 Pokemon Cursors

All Gen 6 Pokemon
  • Published on January 12th 2022 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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continuing the quest for completing Pokemon Project Set with the help of resources from pokemoncommunity (

Legal Info: I do not own Pokemon, Nintendo, or the sprites themselves. I did not create or rip the sprites myself. All characters are copyright Nintendo. These cursors are not for commercial use.

Tags: Pokémon Anime Character Comic Game □ Multicolored


by kmy12083

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon Anonymous on January 15th

hey there. Weren't the previous gen pokémon also given new sprites in gen 6? You think you could, make cursors outta them? Or at least just the eeveelutions.

user icon kmy12083 registered user on January 17th

hello, I'll make gen7 and 8 cursors soon too!

user icon Anonymous on January 19th

8-) AMAZING!!!!!! I loved it bro!

user icon Anonymous on January 21st

nice but I'd leave it to connossisseur or whatever their name is. It just that they've been doing all of them and their shiny forms.

some of the colors arw off

user icon Anonymous