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A character from a book, movie, TV series or a video game.

Yoshi Collection TeaserYoshi Collection Cursors
by SpirteMan8693MY 2nd Upload i Didnt create these sprites just made this for fun :) ...
Megaman TeaserMegaman Cursors
by Applefan3640A set of cursors of the classic game Megaman for NES. Edited: Dr. Wil...
Kyle Dunamis TeaserKyle Dunamis Cursors
by Augla1609An animated cursor set of Kyle Dunamis from Tales of Destiny 2. The s...
Multicolor Kirbys TeaserMulticolor Kirbys Cursors
by Applefan4595In a boring day i have the idea to paint kirby cursors in four differ...
Paper Mario TeaserPaper Mario Cursors
by Applefan4911A set with the characters of super paper mario for wii.
Super Mario Kart TeaserSuper Mario Kart Cursors
by Applefan4480A Mario Kart cursors set.
Super Mario RPG TeaserSuper Mario RPG Cursors
by Applefan4352After a few weeks without doing any cursors. Now i present to you my ...
N (game) TeaserN (game) Cursors
by leah200This set of cursors is centered around the game N, which can be down...
"The Legend of Zelda" NES Teaser"The Legend of Zelda" NES Cursors
by mrmcgoo2121Legend of Zelda copyright of Nintendo.
Megaman 7 TeaserMegaman 7 Cursors
by Applefan939Now the blue bomber is in 16-bits only for you.
Megaman X TeaserMegaman X Cursors
by Applefan7990I have done the classic megaman cursors, but why not do the X series?...
LittleBigPlanet TeaserLittleBigPlanet Cursors
by Fracture1399My second cursor pack, based on characters and items from the awesome...
Super Mario World TeaserSuper Mario World Cursors
by Applefan7846The Italian plumber now is back in his great 16-bits. Extra cursors s...
Alien Buddy! TeaserAlien Buddy! Cursors
by mrmcgoo250Your own little friend from outer space to help you out! :D
Super Metroid TeaserSuper Metroid Cursors
by Applefan2702In honor of the new metroid game i gave to you a set of cursors of on...
Harry Potter TeaserHarry Potter Cursors
Megaman Robots Masters (1 to 6) TeaserMegaman Robots Masters (1 to 6) Cursors
by Applefan1390As you may know, i love megaman,so i have taken my time to create eve...
Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Link (Link-Fierce Deity-Zero-Cloud) TeaserMushroom Kingdom Fusion Link (Link-Fierce Deity-Zero-Cloud) Cursors
by Applefan4379Have you played MKFusion? That game is great!!higly recomended. i hav...
"New Old Super Mario Bros." Teaser"New Old Super Mario Bros." Cursors
by Applefan10ki was able to continue my work and finish the mario cursors in a frie...
Bass(Mega Man) TeaserBass(Mega Man) Cursors
by Applefan1696A new set that i was working in. Bass the eternal rival from Mega Man...
ProtoMan(Mega Man Series) TeaserProtoMan(Mega Man Series) Cursors
by Applefan1627One more set of Mega Man themed cursors, this time i have created a P...
Random TeaserRandom Cursors
by wilee is happy infinity2776Awesome Cursors
Mario 8-Bit TeaserMario 8-Bit Cursors
by epiccomputerdude2403It's Mario and all his friends! Please respond in the comments if you...
Invader Zim TeaserInvader Zim Cursors
by J. Wag.1940A set of simple mouse cursors of Gir from Invader Zim. I will be addi...
Smurf TeaserSmurf Cursors
by cavy81050I have a smurf cursor for everything except precision select.
Tales Of Symphonia TeaserTales Of Symphonia Icons
by Applefan549This icons are a request for Tails the Fox. I really don't know anyth...
Totoro TeaserTotoro Cursors
by Boss5947This a complete cursor set of the charater "Totoro" from the Japanese...
Shining Force TeaserShining Force Cursors
by B8KDBNZ173Some of the Characters off of my favorite video game Shining Force if...
Ceemo TeaserCeemo Cursors
by Ceemo1696Anime style pixies. So cute!
Danziva TeaserDanziva Cursors
by Ceemo439A male version of my Ceemo cursors.
Shining Force Magic Users TeaserShining Force Magic Users Cursors
by B8KDBNZ572All of the enemy characters in Shining Force that use Magic.
Mario 8-Bit TeaserMario 8-Bit Cursors
by MaxiGamer™6055Mario 8-Bit cursors
Mario Paint™ TeaserMario Paint™ Cursors
by MaxiGamer™3545Give credits to Nintendo® for sprites and Mario-Nintendo for cursors.
Pac-Man™ TeaserPac-Man™ Cursors
by MaxiGamer™3342A small pack of cursors of the game Pac-Man ™ Sprites by Namco® Cu...
Happy Tree Friends TeaserHappy Tree Friends Icons
by Sirea26943D version of the cute monsters from Happy Tree Friends series. I lik...
Flandre Scarlet TeaserFlandre Scarlet Cursors
by NintendoGamer951910Okay, so here are some Flandre Scarlet cursors that I made using Real...
APH Italy TeaserAPH Italy Cursors
by NintendoGamer951603Yay! It's my second complete cursor set! :D And this time it's of the...
Piplup(pokemon) TeaserPiplup(pokemon) Cursors
by 47crayons2665The set has piplup doing different actions for most of the cursors. H...
Yoshi's Desktop TeaserYoshi's Desktop Cursors
by NEOC7185English: Now you are a big egg-laying lizard with those cursors! Your...
mario 1 - up mushroom Teasermario 1 - up mushroom Cursors
by clarkey_961258a set of animated "1 - up mushrooms" from super mario. enjoy :)
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