Cursor Set - Binary Enchanced - Green & Black Shadow

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Binary Enchanced - Green & Black Shadow Cursors

Binary Enchanced - Green & Black Shadow
  • Published on March 19th 2021 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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Green has always been my favourite color and always will be. Green is the supreme color and the color of fan choice on the RealWorld website when it comes to beautifully designed cursors. I thank Hopachi so much for creating this black cursor set with a middle green outline. The beauty of green is that green is the color of nature and it blends extremely well with nature themes in Windows 10. That means that the blend of green fits in perfectly well with black.

Windows 10 users are required to update to version 19H1 to use the location and person cursor roles.

The website has a preview cursor of this green cursor set on the link below. Its shown at the bottom of the web page:

There is a new cursor update, which has been applied today on April 2nd 2021 by i486. He added two new cursor roles named "Busy Star" and "Busy Waiting". Both are animated cursors. One is a "Busy" cursor role and the other is a "Waiting In Background" cursor role. I am sure that Windows 10 theme designers would be so proud on finding two new additional cursor roles for going deeper into theme customization. Both cursors are green and black and are in the same binary theme, which is the same as all the other cursors in this pack. You can download those two new additional cursor sets separately or re-download the complete cursor set from the RealWorld website. I would recommend that users re-download the full set so that no cursors are missing from their cursor pack. Re-downloading the whole cursor set also helps to increase the download count on the RealWorld website.

You may also download this cursor set from the website, but I prefer you download this cursor set here on the RealWorld website instead. Scroll down to the bottom of page 15 on the website:

Please note that if you want to download cursor sets from the website, you will need to sign up with a new account. On the RealWorld website, you can download this cursor set or any other without the need to sign up for a new account. That is the beauty of downloading cursor and icon sets from the RealWorld website. Please also take note that the RealWorld website is also backward compatible with some older versions, (but not all) versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Other web browsers such as Safari, Opera and Brave may be used to preview and download cursor and icon sets from the RealWorld website, but I would recommend use any of the top three browsers, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for the very best viewing and downloading experience.

Below is a fun and amusing poem which is related to the color green. This poem does not only rely of nature greenery, but only relies on the "green" color itself. You will notice that each sentence begins with the word "Green". Read it in the paragraph below:

Green is...the color of spring.
Green is...renewal.
Green is...the color of envy.
Green is...a new crayon.
Green tastes like...a crisp apple.
Green smells like...fresh cut grass.
Green sounds like...a croaking frog.
Green feels like...soft, velvety moss.
Green looks like...shiny emeralds.
Green makes me...go.
Green favourite color.
Green dresses me Mr Green, the man in green.
Green may be...a question or a riddle.
Green can be...a dangerous booby trap like The Riddler.

I have extended this green poem a little by adding four more lines. Here is the original poem from the following YouTube video:

Green binary numbers have animated binary numbers. There are 22 cursors in this cursor pack. The inverted cursor is for left handed users. I am sure that many users will be willing to download this green binary cursor set. This cursor set has one of the best appearances from this whole series of binary cursors.

The custom license comes with this cursor pack when downloading. Just read the description here and the readme.txt file which comes with this zipped cursor pack. Good luck to everyone who has seen and downloaded this green and black cursor set. I hope that you all enjoy using it.


Another green variant of hourglass have been added to this pre-existing green binary cursor set. The new hourglasses are animated with very cool looking colors and effects to match this pre-existing cursor set theme. Users still using the Windows XP operating system will be glad to use the hourglass cursors when creating themes for that operating system. This update brings the old traditional hourglass cursors that users used in the past when Windows XP and earlier version of Windows was used in businesses and for home users. Please note that those hourglass cursors are used for the "Busy" and "Working In Background" cursor roles. Enjoy this green addition to those two hourglass cursors.

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user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 1st 2021

Two green hourglasses available for download. Check them out above. They are for Windows XP users.

user icon Anonymous on June 28th 2021

Sorry i'm not a native english speaker
I enjoy your cursor
But the size is too small:(
Can i ask you to make a bigger size

user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 28th 2021

This cursor set comes only in one size. That means here are no other sizes available. I have other larger green cursor sets available on my profile. You will need to search for them.

user icon scott registered user on September 23rd 2022

5 out of 5 stars.

I like this, this gets a 5-star review.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on September 23rd 2022

I am glad you like green because I like green as well.

user icon Anonymous on November 3rd 2022

your mom sucks




user icon Anonymous on February 1st

this sucks

user icon RIDDLER registered user on February 3rd

My cursors never sucks. You do not have to like them. I find this green cursor set very nice indeed.

user icon Anonymous on July 13th


user icon RIDDLER registered user on July 14th

This is one of the best classic green cursor sets which I have on my profile. I would love it if someone came to this cursor set's page and rated five stars. That would be very grateful.

user icon Anonymous