Cursor Set - LLX Monochrome White Light

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LLX Monochrome White Light Cursors

LLX Monochrome White Light
  • Published on February 17th 2021 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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On the same day that Hopachi released his dark theme of this LLX series of Monochrome cursor set, he also released the "LLX Monochrome White Light" cursor set. This cursor set is also one of the LLX Monochrome series of cursors, but in a light theme. The light theme version is the opposite to the dark theme variant of the Monochrome LLX series.

The light theme uses all white cursors. It is perfect for light theme users of Windows 10 which likes light theme colors. This cursor set has 23 cursor roles. Some of the addition cursors in this cursor set can be used for fun emphasizing of the move cursors and there are also two additional universal and inverted mouse pointers included as well.

Hopachi spent months creating this cursor set using GIMP and other advanced imaging software applications to created this cursor set. The hardest cursor sets for him to make was the animated cursors that are included in this set.

I have downloaded this cursor set from the TenForums here:

Hopachi is the author and creator of this cursor set. Please do not claim that I created this cursor set because he is the person who created this LLX Monochrome set of cursors in the light theme version from scratch.

I have already gave credit to Hopachi and asked him permission for me to share this cursor set on the RealWorld website in a legitimate manner.

Please note that users of Windows 10 are required to have the 19H1 build of Windows 10 or above to be able to use the Location and Person cursor roles.

If you like this cursor set, then please download it, share, rate, comment and subscribe to my account to be notified when I upload new cursor sets and icon sets in the future. Enjoy this LLX light theme cursor set.

I have updated my description for this cursor set due to the fact that Hopachi has released two new gear cursors for the light theme version of the LLX series of cursors. This cursor set now has 23 cursors prior to 21 cursors as before.

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user icon Minecraft2.0 registered user on September 1st 2022

5 out of 5 stars.


user icon RIDDLER registered user on September 1st 2022


user icon JellyPalace registered user on October 14th 2022

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Very good but the outlines are a bit unclear

user icon RIDDLER registered user on October 14th 2022

The outlines are thick and clear as they can be. Some of them look a bit blur. That cannot be fixed.

user icon Anonymous on October 27th 2022

nice one :-D

user icon RIDDLER registered user on October 30th 2022


user icon Anonymous on December 12th 2022

bing chilling

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 13th 2022

This is bing chilly.

user icon Anonymous on July 12th

The hand is So creepy

user icon RIDDLER registered user on July 14th

No. The hand looks like a crown. That is OK.

user icon Anonymous