Raster Editor - Custom Presets

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Raster Editor - Custom Presets

This menu commands plug-in stores and manages custom presets for drawing tools, fill styles, drawing modes, and colors.

Use cases

This tool is actually pretty powerful and can replace a bunch of other specialized menu commands plug-ins. It allows saving:

  • drawing tool ID
  • drawing tool settings (if it supports persistent settings)
  • fill style ID
  • fill style settings (if it supports persistent settings)
  • colors
  • outline width
  • blending, rasterization, shape-filling, and coordinate modes


Imagine that you often annotate screenshots and always want to use the same style for annotations, namely emphasize the region of interest by drawing a semitransparent red rectangle with rounded corners (radius of 3 pixels), the width of the outline should be set to 2 pixels and the rectangle should be aligned on pixel boundaries.

To create a custom button (or menu entry with shortcut), set the tool to the desired state, run the "Add custom preset" command and select which values should be saved. You can also specify custom name, description, icon and shortcut.

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