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What is RealWorld Designer

RealWorld Designer is general purpose application framework, focused on application of the "editor" class. Other types of applications can be built on top of RWD components, but they usually only make use of a subset of the concepts.

RealWorld Designer-based applications

RW Designer was never released, because it is not practical and would be overwhelming for the end users. Instead, a group of application focused on individual scenarios are available.

  • RealWorld Icon Editor - image/icon/Unicorn3D/(readonly)3D-Studio combo covering the path from 3D design, snapshot definition, rendering, image modification, icon generation and fine-tuning.
  • RealWorld Cursor Editor - image/(static and animated)cursor/Unicorn3D combo covering the path from 3D design, frames definition, rendering, image modification, cursor generation and fine-tuning.
  • RealWorld Photos - an image editor with emphasis on photo retouching with lossless jpg operations, Photoshop filter execution, batch processing, and scripting capabilities for newbies and pros.
  • RealWorld Paint.COM a general purpose image editor with layers and mask support.
  • RealWorld Thumbnails - a shell extension capable of creating thumbnails for images, icons, cursors, Unicorn3D files, Rendered images and .3ds files.
  • RealWorld Designer - preview version of the all in one editor.

Related information

  • About us - philosophy and core concepts of RW Designer.

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on April 11th 2011

como se puede cambiar al idioma español para poder entender

user icon Lizz543 registered user on February 13th 2012

Please Help me, i dont know how to create crusers, or anything, i'm a newbie!! :-(

user icon Bonjour Je t' Aime registered user on March 3rd 2012

Help :-( Im a NEWBIE !

user icon L.S.P registered user on January 28th 2013

I just created a moving icon curser of a smily face that shows all emotions and it changed colors 8-) pretty kewl

user icon ___xed___ registered user on September 2nd 2013

release RealWorld Designer!

user icon 123a registered user on January 6th 2015

How to Create icons, i dont know how to do them!

user icon Anonymous on October 28th 2020

i need help creating a cursor plz show me

user icon RIDDLER registered user on May 15th 2021

We need more cursor roles templates in RW Cursor Editor.

user icon Anonymous
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