My first contest

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My first contest

Published by on April 15th 2013.

Origanal post:

    [[cursor-set/transcur|[[image:cursor-teaser/transcur.png]]]]  I have a contest.  not WAY too much to offer, but here goes nothing.  if I can reach 200 downloads before I get 15 buttons (don't worry, I seem to only be able to get one a day and the game won't work:( ) , then I give all my buttons to the most recent commenter on the curser page.  Thanks, HNMunchey.
   Sorry, the contest is over.  I got myself a 15 puzzle to earn more buttons.  [[image:rsrc/8822-128x128x32.png]]
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Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on April 16th 2013

Cool. Looking forward to it. :-)

user icon HNMunchey registered user on April 16th 2013

Sorry, the contest is over now.

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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