Universal LPC Sprite Sheet Character Generator

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Universal LPC Sprite Sheet Character Generator

Published by on May 25th 2016.




You can make your own character in this website! There are about 1 million combinations to make.


Click on the dropdown menus to see what is on there you can put on your character. You need to choose your sex, meaning gender, as male or female. Choose a body type, choose an eye color, choose a nose type and so on, until you are satisfied with your character. All categories are optional. When you are finished, These are 2 methods of saving the sprite sheet:

  • Go to the bottom of the page and click Save Result As PNG. You may want to change the file name by pressing F2 when you select a file to rename a file. Be sure you turn on File Name Extensions in the View Tab in File Explorer if you are using Windows 8 or 10! Change the file name extension to .png. When you get a warning window, click Yes. Enjoy your image!
  • Right-Click on the sprite sheet, Press Ctrl on your keyboard and click View Image to open in a new tab. I use Firefox. Press Ctrl+S, name your image and click Save. Enjoy your image!


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