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Aᴠᴀᴛᴀʀ Cʀᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ

Published by on September 29th 2016.


Tired of making graphics of avatars? Don't like vectorizing them? If you don't, we have the right website to entertain you!




1. Go to that website

Click on the following link on the top.

2. Choose a gender

Choose either male or female, depending on what you are.

3. Create your own avatar

Use over 1 billion combinations to make your avatar.

4. Download it

Go to the download button, but don't click it. Find the 200x200 size.

5. Edit it

Download the latest build of RealWorld Paint. Go to the following:
Open Section > Find your file > Open it > Image Tab > Canvas Size... > Size it down to 150x200. > OK > Save it

6. Done!


rsrc/myAvatar.png imagersrc/myAvatar(2).png imagersrc/myAvatar(3).png imagersrc/myAvatar(1).png image
rsrc/myAvatar(4).png imagersrc/myAvatar(5).png imagersrc/myAvatar(6).png imagersrc/myAvatar(7).png image

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Recent comments

user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on September 29th 2016

You can also use it as a profile icon on any site other than this.

user icon cdl contributing user on September 30th 2016

It is much cooler if you put some effort into creating your own image.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on September 30th 2016

It won't be approved. The avatar should be based upon your photo, not just something random.

user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on September 30th 2016

OK. I'm sorry. :-(
But you can use the pictures you make on avatarmaker.com as an avatar on any site other that this.

user icon Anonymous on September 30th 2016

What if I'm really ugly? :-o

user icon Anonymous on October 7th 2016

what if ur mum is ugly

yeah thought so

user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on October 11th 2016

That is totally unnecessary.

user icon Anonymous
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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?