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Site Improvment Ideas

Published by on January 9th 2013.

Just a few Ideas I had(Some are more useful than others).
If you agree or have an idea please comment.

The Gallery

1. Top Rated
A page that displays icons or cursors in order from the highest rated sets to lowest rate set. Any set with the same rating(example: 4.5 stars and 4.5 stars) would just go in order by which ever one has the most ratings(example: A set with 4.5 stars and 6 reviews would come before a set with 4.5 stars and 4 reviews). Then if they both had the same amount of reviews and the same rating then it would go by which one got its first rating first(example: A set with its first review on Oct. 25, 2012 would be before a set, of equal ratings and reviews, that got its first review on Dec. 13, 2012). I think it would be a good way to see the best sets on the site.

The Junkyard

1. A Search Box
If the junkyard had a search box it would make it a lot easier to find what your looking for.

2. A way to rate cursors or icons
Some of the cursors/icons in the junk yard are really good and some are not, so it would be nice to be able to rate them .

3. A way to comment icons and cursors
You can comment complete sets, but not stuff in the junkyard. Some times people upload cursors with the hot spots in the wrong place, and it would be nice to be able to leave a comment telling other people that the cursor wont work the way they think it will. Or to tell the author about the mistakes they made.

The People Tab

1. A Counter
A box that displays the number of users on the site. It could look something like this.
rsrc/idea2.jpg image
It could be on the people tab like in the image above. I think it would be cool.


1. More Trophies
Click here for more info.

2. Time Zone
I think that on each users account page there should be a way to set a time zone. For me days start at 8:00 PM and not 12:00 because the current time zone for the web site is the time for the Czech Republic. I just think this would help eliminate some confusion.


I will add to this if I have more ideas

Recent comments

user icon cdl contributing user on February 16th 2013

Ok..I got an idea!
You can delete mail/messages sent to you but not those you sent.
My inbox is full of old messages I sent and I would love to be able to remove some of them like I can do with those I receive. =/

icon-image/8307-32x32x32.png image


There are too many registered users that never contribute anything or participate in the forum.. I know we can report spam to Vlasta, none have taken to spamming me yet, but I have seen where some are listing their e-commerce store and nothing else in their profile. Hate that, find it offensive and seems they are just using this website to grab traffic... and what about the people that just join because they are bored? pfft!

icon-image/8366-32x32x32.png image

Maybe we should have a yearly clean up of the accounts that have not contributed. Also have seen, happened to me, where they grab someone's work and upload it as their own into the junkyard. This is not contributing and is a waste of space.

Rating and comments in the junkyard is too much. It is not worth it. If they want to take the time to earn the right to receive comments and ratings let them add 2 more and make a set! After all it only takes 3 of a kind to make a set.

user icon SYNTHCRѺ contributing user on February 19th 2013

I think Vlasta fixed the mail issue.

user icon cdl contributing user on March 9th 2013

fixed? icon-image/8307-24x24x32.png image fixed what?
I just deleted another dozen to check and unless he purposely left me out icon-image/8413-24x24x32.png image the problem I described above still exists. The only way it works is if the person receiving the pm deletes it for you, you cannot delete the sent pm yourself.

"Dear pm'ed would you be so kind as to delete all my messages to you older than two weeks?"

That works fine if the user is still a user.. what if they were in that ever growing group of users that seem to have been abducted by aliens?? icon-image/5671-32x32x32.png image Huh? What then?

I must have over a hundred sent pm's, cannot even see all of them.. what use are they? they just take up space.. and if the user was abducted by aliens I doubt they will be deleting anything anytime soon... icon-image/1340-48x48x32.png image

Would hate to see an inbox like Vlasta's.. but since he can circumvent the rules he probably has the cleanest one around! icon-image/8339-32x32x32.png image

I want a clean inbox.. icon-image/8376-32x32x32.png image I don't want or need to see pm's from a year ago or two.. or more.. lol icon-image/8366-24x24x32.png image

user icon cdl contributing user on March 9th 2013

icon-image/7488-48x48x32.png image Hey how about ACTIVE registered users!
Who really wants to know about the ones that haven't even signed in since 2008?
icon-image/8385-48x48x32.png image

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 9th 2013

You should be able to delete the sent messages now. An error slipped in the first time and it only worked for admin ;-).

user icon cdl contributing user on March 9th 2013

HA-HA! So you did leave me out in the cold!
Naughty, naughty... shame on you!

icon-image/8412-48x48x32.png image

Yippee-Yippee-Ka-Yay! Yahoooo! YeHaw! Whaoo!
(insert your favorite Czechoslovakian expression of exuberance or enthusiasm)
I am so thrilled.. lol!
A cleaner inbox!
Absolutely love it!! icon-image/8493-48x48x32.png image
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I'm giddy with joy!
What a delight!
giggle-giggle.. icon-image/8414-48x48x32.png image


user icon SYNTHCRѺ contributing user on March 10th 2013

Well someone seems happy. :-)

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background
What about ICL files?