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My Next Cursor Set

I'm working on a new set of cursors. These will look quite bland compared to my past work, as the focus is 100% on functionality and productivity. My goal is to take what Apple and Microsoft have accomplished and improve on it. There will be a cursor for every role and each cursor will be available in many resolutions. 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 96x96, and 128x128. I have been working on them off and on for over a year now. At this point, there is no release date, but I hope to release them in the next few months.

How to become a Contributing User

Since people PM me about this all the time, I decided to write a blog post about it.

Expanded, Evangelion Cursor Set

(6 new cursors) cursor-94703cursor-94704cursor-94705cursor-94706cursor-94707cursor-94708

Crosshair Colored Lens Cursors (Expansion)

Crosshair Colored Lens Expansion Pack 1
cursor-62992 cursor-62998 (Ten new cursors)

I'm Sorry

I apologize For my sudden disappearance, I have become very busy and I do not have time for RW right now.
I will not be ably to run the Theme of the Month any more, so unless anyone else wants to do the job, the Theme of the Month has been terminated. I will not be on RW again for quite some time, so until then...This is Good Bye.

Circuit Cursors (Expansion)

Circuit Expansion Pack 1 (5 new cursors)

Theme Of The Month (Theme Request Page)

Comment with your ideas for themes here. All comments will be considered, but not all will be used.

Theme Of The Month Official Rules

What is it?

New Spray Paint?

I opened a mystery present and I got a a Navy Spray Paint!
It looks like this... item/spray-paint/navy.png image
I think this is new because the workshop help page does not say that you can get a navy spray paint. Also I don't see the purpose of it, if the default name color is blue.

How to Make an Effective Cursor Set

PAD/cursor-i64.png imageEveryone wants their creations to be downloaded and get high rating, well here are some ideas on how to do that.

new items

This is might not all be true, some of these are just guesses.

8-Bit Weapon (expansion pack)

Star Wars expansion pack

Site Improvment  Ideas thumbnail

Site Improvment Ideas

Just a few Ideas I had(Some are more useful than others).
If you agree or have an idea please comment.

1,000 DOWNLOADS on a set! (Button Give a Way3)

To celebrate the 8-Bit Weapon Cursor set reaching 1,000 downloads I am going to give a free Spray Paint of a random color (value: 5 buttons) to the first person to respond to this post and a Free Button to the next five people that respond.
Currently: 2 Button(s) remaining
Currently: 0 Spray Paint(s) remaining

8-Bit Weapon Cursors

cursor-teaser/8-bit-weapons.png image
Released Today

New cursor set coming soon! thumbnail

New cursor set coming soon!

8 Bit Weapons

I just got a Potted button pom! I've been save up buttons for a long time just to get one of those.

An Idea

There should be more trophies.
If you agree please read this.

1,000 DOWNLOADS on a set! (Button Give a Way2)

To celebrate the circuit cursor set reaching 1,000 downloads I am going to give a free button to the first five people to respond to this post.

Currently: 0 Button(s) remaining

Working on a set of Cherry wood cursors! (no preview, sorry) Should be done soon.
Update : I finished it.

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