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Published by on January 19th 2013.

icon-image/8413-64x64x32.png image icon-image/8363-64x64x32.png image icon-image/8382-64x64x32.png image icon-image/8393-64x64x32.png image icon-image/8423-64x64x32.png image icon-image/8345-64x64x32.png image icon-image/8355-64x64x32.png image icon-image/8347-64x64x32.png image

AmberZen is responsible for the smiley set concept.
She was going to post a similar set until she saw these.

The set turned out so big that it had to be divided into two.
See all the smileys here:

Hope you enjoy and use them!

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on January 22nd 2013

lol........................ :-)

user icon AmberZen registered user on January 27th 2013

I just asked if I could use the piggie icon eyes to make a smiley set. My smileys came out ok but yours were better. They looked so similar that I could not see adding my smileys, in comparison they are really bad I think. I just didn't take time to refine them.

I like your smiley icon set way better! It is a really nice set! I just LOVE the ninjas!! Looks like TMNT!! LOL!icon-image/8347-64x64x32.png image
These are so COOL!!

user icon cdl contributing user on February 8th 2013

Thanks Amber and your set is more rugged.
You should upload them because they are different and they are nice as well!

icon-image/8424-48x48x32.png image

user icon Anonymous
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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?