Eraser drawing tool

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Eraser drawing tool

ERASER rsrc/eraser-tool.png image is a drawing tool capable erasing pixels (replacing them with pixels with alpha channel set to 0). Since ERASER is a meta-tool, it requires another tool to specify the pixels to erase.

ERASER is a very simple meta-tool. It uses the underlying tool with solid fill and transparent color. The advantage of the eraser tool is the ability to have different tool configuration for normal painting and for erasing when using for example the flood-fill tool.

The raster editor layout comes with 3 predefined eraser tools: ERASER_PENCIL, ERASER_RECTANGLE and ERASER_FLOODFILL, which should be sufficient for most uses.

Erasing pixels is used for example when making background transparent.

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on May 5th 2016

You know it would be a good idea to add in a eraser tool by itself.
So that way you can put the other tools such as "Eraser_Pencil", "Eraser_Rectangle" and
"Eraser_Floodfill" could be in it and so people can use a regular eraser when it comes to getting soft adjustable eraser functions. So the user would 1) Not have the difficulty to making a mistake and have to hold or press (multiple times) on the "Ctrl+z" command.
2) Would easily find all eraser type tools in one eraser category without needing to switch to multiple
tools just to find the right one. 3) For organization purposes and I hope you know all the other necessary
needs for an adjustable eraser not just pixels, rectangular shapes and flood-fill types.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on May 5th 2016

There are pros and cons as always. But if you prefer this your way, you can reconfigure the toolbar with drawing tools. Right-click on it, open the config window, resize it a bit and then edit the loooooong line with tool names. [] means those tools are in a group.

user icon Anonymous on June 21st 2021


user icon Anonymous on July 29th 2021

how can i switch from eraser to pencil?

how can i switch from eraser to pencil and vice versa?

user icon Anonymous
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