File type associations

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File type associations

Files double-clicked in Windows Explorer or another file manager can be automatically opened in RealWorld Designer applications. This feature must be enabled manually using the File associations dialog, which can be opened from the main menu command Tools->File associations...

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Each line represents a supported file type and its extension. File (or document) types with a checkmark are associated with the editor. When an associated file is activated in Windows Explorer, the editor is automatically started and the file is opened.

Some of the file types (for example .ico) are marked with a system information icon instead of their own icon. This means that Explorer will extract the icon from the actual file and will not use one icon for all files of this type.

The integration with Windows shell can be further increased by installing the RealWorld Thumbnails package, which allows Explorer to display thumbnails of supported file types.

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user icon Anonymous on April 5th 2011


user icon Anonymous on September 24th 2013

how to save and use animated curcor?my id is
please reply

user icon Vlasta site administrator on September 24th 2013

use the cursor editor, have at least 2 frames in your cursor and it will automatically offer you to save it as .ani

user icon Anonymous on November 5th 2014

it opens the app but does not load the image in it

user icon Anonymous on November 21st 2021

i have spent an hour looking for something to turn my gif into an ani, hopefully i can figure out how this thing works


user icon Anonymous on May 7th 2022
-) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-)
user icon 307Jonny registered user about 9 hours ago

I like your software but how do I get my original icons back in the folder? I cant see which cursor or ani it is without opening it first. I thought maybe I'll just uninstall the cursor aker and just install it evertime I use it but then it doesnt know what to use for the icon.

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons