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The Mysterious cursor lord

on November 18th 2008

Vlasta, a regular user of this site for some time, you know him?
He makes good cursors and icons. Anyone feel free to maybe try and use this to make requests from him. Hopefully hell notice aye

on November 18th 2008

I will notice for sure, but time is scarce. And I'm currently spending it developing new features for the software available on this site.

In the meantime, here is a relatively fresh cursor set: discrete cursors

on November 19th 2008

Kudos to you, my friend. Good luck with the software developments. Keep up the good work

on March 28th 2009

Well, Vlasta probably helped make the site and the software. As you can see, Vlasta uploaded a complete set of REALWORLD themed cursors, and it was aslo the FIRST set. Also, if you look at the first stand-alone cursor, it was made by Vlasta, too. Anyways, that solves the problem to the "mysterious" cursor lord.

See Vlasta's profile. Vlasta is an admin, of course.

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