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Make Inverting Cursors

Like the "improve visability" cursors that Windows come with
on January 21st 2009

Simply put, how I do go about making a cursor that has a field that will invert the colors behind it. Windows comes with three sets (Small, Medium, and Large) that is meant for people with vision impairments, but I enjoy color inverting and would like to apply this to my own cursors... So how do I do it?
I'm pretty sure RealWolrd works with it, because I can open, edit, and save the inverted cursors, but I can't change where it inverts, or make my own from scratch.
Thanks in advance.

on January 22nd 2009

First, smooth cursors with shadows (the 32-bit ones) cannot use it. This is a Windows limitation. Other than that, these "inverted" pixels can have different colors and they also interfere with some image filters.

So, if you really want to make a cursor with inverted pixels in the current version:
1) Create a cursor with other than 32 bits color depth.
2) Change current color to completely transparent but white (upper right corner in the left color area).
3) Draw with pencil or other tool, preferably in "replace" mode. You won’t see anything in the editor, but if you move your cursor above the "Test area" panel, the drawn shape will be there happily inverting.

I know, this is a bit awkward, but the support for non 32-bit color depths it is slowly fading.

on January 22nd 2009

Thank you very much for the information, it works perfectly.

on January 30th 2009

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on February 28th 2017

I know this post is old, but I cannot make a new topic, and this is still relevant.

Is there any way to set what colours it inverts to?

black <-> white
blue <-> orange

but can it be:
black -> orange
white -> black
blue <-> orange

basically, I want the original inverted cursor, but instead of white showing when over black, I want orange to show.

or, if possible, I'd like to make it only show orange and black over all colours, changing based on the colour.

on March 1st 2017

The inverting operation in Windows cursors XORs the color bits and cannot be changed.

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What about ICL files?
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