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How to Capture Image using Webcam Using C# code.

on February 28th 2009

I want to capture any image from anywhere using Web camera. But I have no idea. I collect a Web camera & I also know language. So any one can tell me How can I do it. What's the code for doing this Using C# language.

on February 28th 2009

It does not depend that much on the used language. Try looking at the WIA interface, there might be a wrapper for .net.

on June 23rd 2010

dont use WIA, it has problems. you can use avicap32.dll for this follow this link

on November 12th 2011

you can download running code for webcam in c# from
It will work in visual studio 2008.May also work in 2010.

on June 12th 2013

I am agree with Anonymous, he explained it very well, his link will definitely help you.

on April 29th 2015
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