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need help!!!!

need help!!!!!
on May 12th 2009

i added a cursor set but it didn't show up i tried it twice and hasn'y worked once

on May 12th 2009

Have you added any cursors to the set and filled all fields?

Also, please make sure, the id of the set is not already used by another set.

on June 5th 2009

did you press add or is it that it dosent show up?

on June 7th 2009

i press add and when i go look for it, it is never there

on July 6th 2009

Try changing the name of the cursor set, if that doesn't work; send me a email with it (I'll put your name on it and also a link to your user)

on September 1st 2009

I cant see my tools. Help me please!!

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What about ICL files?
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