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Remember Me?

Used to be Porsche_Fiend73
on October 12th 2009

Hello everyone :-)
I haven't been on these forums in about two years now, I think. I'd like to thank all of you here for your generous support while I learned RW Cursor Editor. If any of you have been wondering where I've been now?

On the Web, however, I am on to other things. Cursor editing was what first sparked my interest in internet forums, and now I've got my own forums ;-). Now I'm a modeler for NFS4: High Stakes, a PC racing game. I've got 3 sites and a forum running for that game, and one huge mod package I've worked hard to complete. Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to expressing myself here on the WWW :-)

any of you want to see my latest work? they're uploaded to:,, and unreleased projects are on my forums:

And a special thanks to Vlasta for helping me with all my stupid questions xD. Now i'm going to re-download my long-lost cursors!

Suggestion: search function? If it's already there, well, I'll keep looking... =)

on October 16th 2009

It is good that you found a hobby and are able make your presence on the web. :-)

Search function in the library should work - or try the Google search panel by the left side.

on November 6th 2009

Hi welcome back but im a newer addition to the team!

(joined October 1st 2008)

on January 27th 2010

I like team work. There are times as you do artistic team work on a problem or just to find the truth or to discover That some thing is working right and didn't even know it As if you didn't know this already. I'm finding that the push of a button and some bit of training that you can learn to type and not look at the board', some day.You get what you work for BRO.

on February 9th 2010

I think I may start making cursors again in my free time... ;-)

on May 17th 2011


on August 12th 2015

Don't be bored. :-(
Make icons, make cursors! :-)
Free software here! :-D
We have easy tutorials here! :-D
Enter the Theme of the Month contest! :-D

Win great prizes and amaze your friends too! :-D

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