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using cursor

on November 8th 2009

after you've made a cursor can you use it????

on January 2nd 2010

yes, what you do is download the .cur file then you

1)save the cursor somewhere you will know e.g your documents, the cursor file can not be deleted

2) open the control panel

3) switch to classic view (if not on it)

4) click mouse

5) click pointers

6) click browse…

7) click the down arrow at the top

8-) click documents

9) double click on the cursor you want

10) after that, click ok

Well Done!
You have added a cursor to your computer.

on February 19th 2010

This is explained Here Its under the list where it says "How to change your cursors. Vlasta also created a nifty program that will allow you to change cursors on the fly using the right click menu. Download it Here

on July 20th 2010

I have a question: (i guess is about Windows, not Cursor Editor, but...)

When I add a cursor in Windows, and I reboot my computer (well, or turn off and start later), my cursors doesn't appears, appears the default ones... But when I go to the cursors properties, they appears like the ones I have added..

What is the problem?? Help me!! I am using Windows 7.

Thanks.. And sorry if you don't understand anything, I'm not from a country who speaks english... :P

on August 16th 2010

When i try to do that it turns invisible HELP!!!!!!!!

on March 23rd 2013


on March 23rd 2013

[[Here]cursor] this config us tab.

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